The four step to let you love Shanghai for promotion is more effective

in the healthcare industry, "painless" is a fierce competition, a careful analysis, users to search the word because of a demand, assuming your landing page is the home page of the website, the user will see the point in a lot of content, and even painless does not matter, but also requires the user to find their own at this time, the user will directly off your page and then click on the link to competitors to find their most desired content.


then examine your very creative, you should see your competitor’s title and description is how to write, how we can do more than they do more exciting, more attractive. read more

On site four reasons to love Shanghai snapshot

then I will summarize the reasons, and for these reasons, start looking for targeted solutions, because of their own website from right down the degree is not very high, I through the efforts of four, finally quickly made my website and to the right track, the author will analyze the specific reasons!


a lot of people in the time to modify the site keywords, often every day, a small change, that cause qualitative change in the way to minimize the possibility of love Shanghai snapshot, but the author did the test, if the one-time modified keywords and title, then take the time to increase the original update and the chain construction, than that one day a little way, love is easier to obtain recognition of Shanghai, love Shanghai snapshot can restore very quickly, and the recovery after ranking will increase read more