SEOER, complain less and execute moreDo Wangzhuan not insist it is doomed to fail

BBS every day SEOER Tucao, all kinds of moonlight on behalf of my "salary", all kinds of cabbage price of SEO, all kinds of cock silk SEO. Every time I see the webmaster complaining of heart is very tangled. Webmaster, since you chose SEO, then less complaints, a little more execution, any industry are >!

C Jun: 24 years old, Beijing SEO, do SEO for one year, no room, no car, have arrears;

A Jun: 25 years old, Tianjin SEO, no money, no car, no house, no wife;

D Jun: SEO/SEM internship, coordinate Beijing. Post-90s. 1500 do not eat and board. read more

On the importance of search engine search leveraging their big website

has been on their own by email, QQ group, Post Bar and other local publicity, do stand a few years, it will be hard to pull on the tens of thousands of IP sites. In the recently met several webmaster friends, after the exchange found that although they do have than I am late, but the website traffic is my site several times a few years bear bitter hardships, ask under just know, is to rely on the search to flow. I know that the important information, how can I miss this opportunity to learn. To ask how they are deep, how to get a large number of IP resources from search engines? After asking, I summed up the following points: read more

The site to flow down what is the reason

Is the persistent


site traffic decline two, to promote the chain out of the powerful

If it is solutions in 2015 the most useful website right down, K, being black, being attacked secondsWebsite optimization


special chain optimization:

website operation optimization webmaster all know, traffic is an important objective of the site, in order to achieve the ultimate goal that we have to deal together to improve the site traffic. But in the website optimization process we will find your website traffic suddenly dropped. Why web traffic will decrease, the site to flow down what is the reason? read more

Optimization of website content do three details can meet the needs of users

details: let the boring content become more vivid, rich

in order to achieve this goal, we can choose to update some close to life, close to the user’s web content, the most common is the quiz article. By editing some questions and answers in the form of articles to provide to the user, so you can let the user like staying in a Q & a forum, all questions can be smoothly done or easily solved below is one, specific examples:

site optimization can be divided into the station optimization and stood outside optimization the two blocks, standing outside the main optimization is the chain and exchange chain, and it should take into account the station optimization structure optimization and optimization of good web content. The optimization of website content is the most important, a website without website content quality, is unable to attract a large number of users, but the content of the website optimization difficulty is very high, it is necessary to take into account the search by the user but also take into account, let many webmaster very headache. read more

How to layout of the site within the long tail keywords

electronic commerce

tools / materials

1 is now the business competition is more and more big, want to improve their site conversion rate, increase the intensity of mining long tail keywords imperative. So we need to use the tools of Shanghai dragon Er gets a lot of long tail keywords, such as love station network mining long tail keywords, love Shanghai love Shanghai index, such as the drop-down box, but not each long tail keywords are suitable for their own, but also a screening. Why do you say, before the website when get an experience, as long as the website optimization ideas go right, and then suck the team can also perform to a certain extent. So to dig a lot of long tail keywords, then select, otherwise there is no lug lug. read more

Man what is the essence of Shanghai Dragon

The essence of

Er Shanghai Dragon don’t put myself as a martial arts master, do not put their knowledge of Shanghai dragon when one thing, you should take the Shanghai dragon knowledge return to SEM, return to the Internet, because the Internet allows you to fire, let you become the star of Shanghai Dragon Phoenix, there are people watching you every day. Because you have it, so it makes you so beautiful. So I suggest newbies don’t go forward the process of sorrow and hurt. Pick up the money to bend, so Shanghai dragon is worth us to fly far away. read more

The importance of the tag tag in the Shanghai dragon in

whether the blog or forum, the number of tags do not have too much, the too detailed, it is easy to feel a lot of junk pages, the label is also should apply to don’t abuse, for example, the rope will always pull more of their own, is not easy to walk, the label is for our service the commonly used label series is undoubtedly a scenery.

A keyword in the online

had used the tag tag, as we all have Sina blog, NetEase blog, publish articles in the column have automatic access to the button above the label, the beginning did not know what the specific use, beginning what silly also do not understand, what is the use of tag tags. Slowly approached, will publish a blog in the NetEase and Sina click automatic acquisition label, a good way to increase the exposure rate. There appears, for example, we often use Taobao off, remember in the search into the general search will also appear in the popular tag, which is to give the user a good index of direction, these give us that is directly to a new, we, index direction. read more

Love Shanghai alone how to deal with the value of PR

shows, in 2011 July, in the domestic search engine market share, share the love as high as 81.31% in Shanghai, Google’s market share is only 8.17%, which also includes Google for many domestic Er Shanghai dragon made English website optimization. Although only a month, but also clearly show the love of Shanghai in the search engine market dominance in china. Therefore, Google pushed out the PR value, we should look at the

love Shanghai!


two, PR value in Shanghai is still indispensable read more

Keywords prediction methods of original words

predictive effect and advantages of

Absolute originality ! "The further development of the

predictive keywords creation

typical predictive keywordsFoxconn employees jumped to


prediction refers to the prediction of no event, the formation of keywords. At the same time through search engines, and the first to occupy the first page search engine.

predictive keywords, because the event has not occurred, so everything is absolutely original. Secondly, the prediction of hot words. Event promotion is a wave and then a wave, the last climax. Is the most difficult to catch waves, which may require wisdom and money, but to seize the second wave is relatively easier. Keywords prediction can be well applied to the events of the second wave of grasping. It can be predicted, effective keywords can easily get better search engine rankings and get traffic. read more

love the mule how to improve the site included

, to improve the overall weight of

According to the above " to improve web page loading speed


we all know, the higher the weight, the more the number of visiting spider. Therefore, increase the weight of the website for the collection is very helpful to the website, the right main is to start from the content and the chain, make good use of the content and the chain with spider culture feelings, slowly it will often come to our website for tea.

three, reduce the content page level read more