Three kinds of keywords ranking suddenly drop and Solutions

almost all of the owners will encounter a sudden drop in rankings of the key words. The new keyword ranking suddenly drop is generally normal, because the new station has several months of assessment period, this period as long as to do optimization work basic can, need not too care about rankings. To discuss today is already the site keywords ranking stable sudden drop phenomenon, the analysis from three aspects.

there is a website ranking stable for a long time, the optimization and maintenance of the website are doing very well, the website keywords ranking suddenly dropped. This is the most difficult to be analyzed, personally think that there are two kinds of solutions: read more

The medical department of Putian and Shanghai the price war’s love and illegal struggle

informed sources, before and after 2015, love Shanghai remediation efforts to increase the illegal medical promotion, "a number of medical institutions in Putian" have suspected violations from the line, followed by Putian with extreme means to boycott the search engine.

love the Shanghai news that "boycott for the Department of Putian, with the sea attitude is quite tough, clear not shake the" high threshold and strict audit "determination, and will increase the regulation to Putian as the representative of the illegal medical promotion." read more

From the beginning of ascension website weight update snapshot

The This article from the site update frequencyThe

either inside or outside the chain chain link, plays a crucial role in the website construction and website optimization process. Especially in some weight high website over the link, to improve the site weight snapshot update frequency and web site, are of great help. But the link is not the more the better, but the need to gradually add the step by step, otherwise once too much added is easy to be a search engine that is cheating and The loss outweighs the gain. read more

From the home page optimization to determine the site of Shanghai Longfeng level

static URL

H1 tag in the upper right corner of the page bulletin board, each of Shanghai Longfeng personnel in dealing with this problem will have their own ideas, depending on the situation, some time may be in order not to make the page look over optimized is not the most important keywords on the H1 label, and site traffic often rely on the tail, popular keywords bring traffic is very limited, do not have too much emphasis on the optimization of a word, but should do more long tail word ranking. Therefore, H1 tags have some time in Shanghai Longfeng personnel is not the most important core keywords put in. read more

Love Shanghai 6.24 update Guangzhou Shanghai dragon horse is awesome


in the group of tentative inquiries, the original SEM Shanghai dragon Er blog was established in March this year, 3, 4, archived June May blog space midway because no backup loss, the blog has just launched in March, one month post more new 165,

in looking carefully studied, this article is through the pseudo original tool, the language is fully compatible with the reading habit, highly readable, and hyperlinks every article is appropriate, the website chain handled very well (this is done by the chain number than win more effective). read more

Page design and analysis of the enterprise site should be based on the user experience as the center


here I would like to ask what is the ultimate purpose of business enterprise site design? Is with the development of network marketing and electronic commerce, enterprises find out the importance of network marketing, and the enterprise site naturally become the most important platform for online marketing. If you have analyzed the enterprise site, you will find that domestic enterprises sites are lack of innovation, many sites are the same, even basic is carved out of a mold. Design of navigation is the same news center, enterprise products, about us, contact us. The navigation part of the enterprise site is a site design of the soul, can best reflect the site’s user experience, from the point of view of the design of a enterprise site navigation is a user experience not designed the site, we found in the navigation and not the enterprises and visitors interaction of the plate, not thought so much whether the contents of a user needs the product search box. We went to the home layout of the enterprise site analysis: read more

Analysis of eight important factors lead to a web site is down right

is the most common Links involved right down. If the other party for some reasons, such as keyword stuffing, search engine drop right, even by the K, so if there is our website to do a link, it is equivalent to the other cast a vote, so it is possible to cause in the fall of the right.

we all know the chain of a website ranking will have a certain role. But the chain is released we will lose, for example if the posts are deleted, or blog is closed, so it may cause the chain lost. If the chain loss is too large, it will inevitably lead to drop right. For example, the original 1000 chain, now due to a blog was blocked, lost 500 outside the chain, then it may cause right down. In order to avoid the loss caused by the high drop right, we must collect the chain platform to do outside the chain of dispersed release, don’t put all. read more

Analysis of the PV brush site really can improve rankings

so, about 2, 3 months or so, suddenly he happily told us that his website ranking is up, we all feel that he wanted to deceive, the website, how could he? But later read the rankings do come up, and there are two first, first second the other, the keywords ranking also rose a lot, we were shocked, asked him how to do, he was wretched said: some time ago I used XXX software brush flow, brush every day about 500 IP and PV, brush less than 3 days.

station, from where the game is a platform for the exchange of the station, the station just play, not much significance. As we all know, the general game exchange are in the official website of the forum, rarely run somewhere else to see and exchange, so the beginning of his site was not very smooth, IP is a digit, a headache, I also had seen his website, to tell the truth, really is not ye, because he usually not how to manage the site, so the plate template rarely, very frustrated, also a few general layout, the article is belong to the kind of look again do not want second times website. read more

Four must pay attention to matters of the chain do when

three, Shen of low correlation Links

We all know that

for the link works, many people know its drawbacks, once by the search engine, right down K station can not leave. For the regular website, link workshop is like a time bomb, a lot of websites to join after all suffer, but also to the search engine link factory punishment is heavy punishment, is to reduce the lightest website ranking, or never index content. So, for the link factory, if you are going to do the regular long-term site, then it should be far away from a high ranking, do not be lost do long-term plan to station. Although K can change the domain name for content, but wasted a lot of time, to do a new means to start all over again, and there is a new assessment period period is long, who also don’t know. Join the Links workshop, which is equivalent to their own website to cheat on that one, will lead to negative effect, is just a matter of time. So, for the sake of safety, the author suggest webmaster do not easily add links can consult some workshops, the harm by the harm the webmaster. read more

Analysis of new fast lifting love Shanghai ranked my offbeat optimization

second, the establishment of marketing network channels own. We know that love is Shanghai spider robot, often through a lot of data analysis and comparison, on the basis of the data for the website ranking and weight control, this time we can match up, website to create active communication atmosphere, for example the moment a lot of people do local station in Shanghai Longfeng. For example, Xi’an Shanghai dragon, Shanghai Shanghai dragon, Beijing Shanghai dragon in addition to the daily basic content of the chain of work we can recommend some marketing interactive platform, such as QQ group, micro-blog, the local Shanghai dragon Er together, when their new website content, the way and the platform to communicate with friends and share just imagine, itself is a high quality original articles written by yourself, everyone is Shanghai dragon Er, to see such a sumptuous feast certainly Put it down, eager to read, you benefit from your article, and you yourself through your reading and click to get the flow and click, these basic data is in love with the sea through the data analysis and judgment of website quality means, this win-win thing, I believe is very worthy of operation so! No matter what is the establishment of platform, we preferred to ensure the interaction and exchange platform " read more