The six measures to promote the Datong military enterprises build a model village to achieve new res

this year, Datong County "government enterprises build a model village" as the county Party committee and government from the central task, strengthen organizational leadership, improve the assessment mechanism, reasonable planning, creating an atmosphere of public opinion, speed up the progress of the project, a joint effort in 6 aspects to take effective measures to ensure the effectiveness of Party building demonstration village activity.

strengthen leadership, sound organization . To ensure that the county’s "military enterprises build a model village" activities implemented smoothly, established by the Deputy Secretary of the county Party committee, county magistrate for the head of the county "birth before the Han military enterprises build a model village" activities leading group, formulated and issued the "Datong" military enterprises build a model village campaign plan ". 13 to build the township has also set up the township party committee and government leaders responsible leadership team; 46 model villages have also set up a corresponding leading group composed of village cadres and Party members, representatives of the masses, strictly defined the county, township and village three government work tasks and responsibilities, to ensure that personnel, measures, work three in place. read more

Seminar on the key technical problems of lithium industry development in Qinghai

6 25, 2009, China’s green catalyst expert He Mingyuan, a member of the research team to investigate the development of lithium industry, and to attend the seminar on the development of key technologies in Qinghai lithium industry. Vice governor Wang Liming presided over the seminar and speech.

will be on the line, the academician listened to our province lithium industry development planning, technology status, the park layout and the upstream and downstream business development, and around the Research Institute of Industrial Development (Center), set up tons of lithium lithium extraction technology industrial test line design and construction methods, foster leading enterprises is proposed advice. read more

Xining people to vote for the province’s moral model candidate

"I’m going to vote for Russia, Tao Ende, and Shao Xiujing, how to vote." I want my family to vote. The ten candidates are all proud of us"…… In July 16th, the newspaper published the "10 people in our province has become the national moral models candidate" one man, caused widespread concern of the public, many people were deeply touched by the ten candidates deeds, or call the advisory vote, or directly to the Internet voting.

from July 16th to August 16th, the fourth national moral model selection recognition activities into the voting stage, a lot of people picked up the mouse for our province to participate in the national moral model of the ten candidates to vote. In July 18th, members of the public while Mr. Lin carefully check the Chinese civilization online national moral models list of candidates, said: "I look carefully, the courageous, honest and trustworthy, professional dedication, filial love the old pro four moral model, I have the candidate, very rare, I admire them." Public Liu urged her daughter to help him in the Internet investment in Junhu and Ge ticket, he said: "Ge Jun’s story touched me, a person running at an altitude of 4600 meters on the road, we can’t imagine him in the 470 km one-way post road lonely and dangerous, but I can feel a mail the hands of the joy of the recipient. Such as the army of the silent dedication worthy of respect." read more

Xining Association for science and technology held a 50 Anniversary Symposium

September 16th, the 50 anniversary of the founding of the association held a forum. Our scientists and representatives at all levels, and responsible person, society representatives gathered to jointly review the development history of science was founded in 50 years, summarized the successful experience for the prospect of job prospects for.

at present, the city of science and Technology Association has 23 municipal associations, associations, research, throughout the city of science, engineering, agriculture, medicine and cross integration of various disciplines, with 7 districts and counties and other grassroots organizations. Municipal Association was founded 50 years ago, the organization system has been improved, continuously enhance the cohesion; work orientation and work ideas more clearly, increase vitality; service capacity is increasing, the increasing influence of the cadres and workers; diligent in thinking and practice, dare to go beyond, unremitting exploration, selfless dedication, unity and cooperation, creative work, work new progress was made; from the practice of creation, development and prosperity have accumulated much valuable experience. read more

Suqian city leaders to inspect the work of Xining

In August 22nd, the Suqian Municipal Committee, mayor Wang Tianqi, vice mayor Feng Yan, Suqian Municipal Development and Reform Commission Director Wang Min and Jiangsu the Yanghe River distillery Co. Ltd., Jiangsu Jingke group, radiant energy science and technology limited company responsible for the members of the delegation to visit Xining city work. Xining Municipal Committee, vice mayor Xu Guocheng and the City Commission by letter, the planning and Construction Bureau and other departments to accompany inspection.

the delegation has arrived at the Nanchuan Industrial Park in Qinghai new era Amperex Technology Limited, enterprise new energy lithium industry is analyzed. In exchange, Suqian city delegation is very optimistic about the development and utilization of lithium battery energy in our province, asking the government to the enterprise investment and policy subsidies, praising Qinghai lithium energy outlook. Subsequently, the delegation visited the Qinghai lithium industry exhibition hall, during the development of the future direction of the development of lithium in Hunan Province, the Saline Lake, the results of innovative technology and detailed inquiry. The delegation also went to Qinghai Taifeng pulead lithium technology limited company to carry on the visit. read more

School choice students, foreign workers to increase the pressure of some primary school enrollment i

With the approaching of school time, some primary schools in Xining have begun to apply. August 27th, the reporter learned from some of the primary school in Xining City, due to parents’ school choice, the children of migrant workers enrollment, school location and other reasons, resulting in some school freshmen enrollment pressure.

at 14 on August 27th, the reporter in Xining City West Hing Road Primary School to see the door, there are half an hour from the beginning of the registration, the campus has lined up a long queue of two. The same scene is also staged in the West District, the Yellow River, Taiwan and Taiwan Road Primary School, in line with the registration of the crowd, there are many parents in the area of the floating population. read more

Xining 667 poor freshmen funded

August 27th, the author learned from the provincial Civil Affairs Department, this year, the Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau funded 667 poor college students, so that these children can successfully enrolled.

it is reported that the Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau established the system of educational assistance to poor students in 2000, by the two level financial city and county in 60% and 40% the proportion of aid poor families in my city when the examination to university poor students, the specific standards for each 2000 yuan interest free loan to help poor students complete their studies successfully. read more

Spring travel five service guide

The footsteps of the Spring Festival is approaching, the hearts of people returning home is also increasingly urgent, during the Spring Festival, the opportunity to pay attention to what the problem? How can I get a ticket home? Reporters from Qinghai Airport Inc to sort out the 5 passenger travel service guide.

– 1 hours ahead of check-in: 30 minutes during the Spring Festival, Xining airport check-in counters and full security channel in the peak hours of flights, as far as possible to reduce the majority of passengers queuing phenomenon. Remind passengers to 30 hours in advance to register for 1 minutes. The airport will carry out the "guided warm bee"; the encryption time reminder service frequency, since the flight section carrying 10 minutes before the start, every two minutes flight time to remind the broadcast service, and for late passengers tag help late passengers quickly through the security check. That no baggage passengers or online check-in formalities in the terminal self-service check-in counter.

– baby to also want to buy a ticket: according to the uniform provisions of the civil aviation authority, over the age of 2 but under 12 years of age for children to buy tickets for children according to the applicable adult fare 50% seat. Children under the age of 2 years of age by the applicable adult fare of 10% to buy baby tickets, but do not provide seats. If you need to occupy seats alone, you should buy children’s tickets. Passengers carrying more than one baby, more than the number of children’s votes should be purchased. When the opportunity for the baby, parents should bring a good birth certificate, residence booklet and other valid documents.

– can call this query: met the flight is not normal, can call the 8188114 Xining airport inquiry telephone, understand the flight dynamics.

– the airport will also provide these services: Security in the quarantine area set up at the entrance of the sun salon security services, the security channel will need to deal with some common problems and forward explanation to the inspection area by the person responsible for the processing, improve the passenger clearance rate, while increasing the security channel, adding double package post, shorten the the passenger waiting time. The parking areas, taking into account the long-term parking the vehicle will appear overnight battery failure, tire pressure is insufficient and the actual situation, the introduction of parking lot charging, charging equipment, the purchase of Jack, wrenches and other tools tires, making reminder, set 24 hours service hotline.   read more

Qinghai 2013 social science popularization Week activities in Huangzhong start

In August 31st, Huangzhong County Cultural Center Plaza, colorful flags, banners hanging, crowded, advisory point clouds, billboards everywhere, "Chinese dream · my dream" as the theme of the 2013 Qinghai Province Social Science Popularization week ceremony and science activities held here in the countryside.

it is reported that the event was organized by the provincial Party Committee Propaganda Department, the Provincial Federation of Social Sciences, the provincial organs work committee, the provincial Party school, the provincial colleges and universities, the Social Sciences Association, association, the joint research. The purpose is to improve the ideological and moral qualities and scientific and cultural qualities of citizens, and to provide a strong spiritual strength and intellectual support for promoting the construction of the "three zones" and the "new two" in our province. Activities from the launching ceremony, popular science and technology in rural areas, Kunlun forum, science into the community and other sectors constitute. In accordance with the overall service, serve the society and the demands of the masses, through innovative forms of work, build a platform for communication, rich activities, give full play to the association of Research Institute, director of the social sciences to effectively play the active role of the world, heritage of civilization, innovation theory, political consultation and education services, social awareness, and contribute to the to meet the growing needs of the masses and social knowledge and the development of social science. (author: Li Caiyun) read more

Xining trade and ndustry Bureau to carry out fake check, shoddy, end dens special rectification act

since April, the Xining Municipal Bureau of industry and Commerce in the city focused on the development of a period of three months, check fake, shoddy, end dens special action, achieved a phased results. Key
the system in the special rectification, is a strict market access barrier. To strengthen food operator qualification examination at the same time, increase the campus surrounding shops, shopping malls and other places of business registration approval, supervision and inspection, banning unlicensed, and strive to do business is not illegal to enter the market. Two is to strengthen routine inspections. To increase the supervision and inspection of food business operators, trademarks, packaging and decorating infringement as the focus of investigation, especially around the campus summer beverage and food establishments to inventory, itemized specification, timely elimination of food safety problems; three is a major plus investigating efforts. Found in the inspection of trademark infringement, counterfeiting and selling food substandard food by the conduct and the campus surrounding the illegal sale of fake and shoddy food and stationery business behavior is investigated according to law, to ensure the healthy growth of young people from harm. Four is to strengthen publicity. Report the inspection of law enforcement work, in accordance with the work requirements, the whole system attaches great importance to the news report, in the past 2 months, altogether has all kinds of information, such as 71 news reports. Through information, news reports in a timely manner publicity, law enforcement work.
  read more