Jingdong delayed PO rumors flying valuation has shrunk by 40%

Chinese is one of the largest e-commerce platform in the Jingdong’s birthday (June 18th) that "accident" was the competitor "collective encirclement".

this is known as giant baby electricity supplier companies in the critical moment on the eve of IPO, is trying to beautify the sales data through price wars to win the favor of investors.

1 billion yuan turnover out let those colleagues need to burn for flow, grab the market scale to check the Jingdong as a "foil", but the scene on the stage play never brilliant, behind the biggest Chinese electricity supplier price war in the history, more is the upcoming listing of Jingdong drama. read more

The restaurant online booking through the payment of part of the public comment on the OpenTable

Huang Yuan

to some extent, the restaurant online booking to get through the user experience to pay, and taxi software is somewhat similar." Yesterday, the public comment for the first time disclosed that its strategic products Restaurant online reservation has opened up payment, including WeChat Alipay, a variety of payment products; the reservation department general manager Wang Xugang told reporters this interpretation.

restaurant online booking is not a new thing, the world’s largest online restaurant reservation service provider OpenTable (OPEN:Nasdaq) has landed on NASDAQ in 2009. Over the past year, its share price continued to rise, closing at March 10th has more than 82 U.S. dollars per share. read more

China nternet Network nformation Center domain name registration service organization authenticati

Article 1 These measures are formulated in accordance with the measures for the administration of Internet domain names in China in order to regulate the domain name registration services and safeguard the rights and interests of the users of domain names.


fourth domain name registration services (hereinafter referred to as registration services), according to the "China Internet domain name management approach", "China Internet domain name registration rules" and other provisions of the admissibility of the application for the domain name registration, domain name registration information will be sent to the CNNIC domain in the central database to complete the registration. read more

Are you ready for the network opportunities

occurred in 2008 at the end of the global financial crisis has brought huge impact to the world almost all industries, it is no exaggeration to say that the crisis has changed many people’s consumption behavior, online shopping with its low cost advantage is becoming more conscious consumers are a powerful means to reduce the cost of shopping. Data show that in 2008 China’s online shopping market turnover for the first time exceeded billion mark, reaching 120 billion yuan, an increase of 128.5% compared with the same period in, an increase of nearly 40 percentage points. IResearch recently released in the first half of 2009, China’s online shopping market development report shows that in the first half of 2009, China’s online shopping market reached 103 billion 460 million, the first breakthrough billion mark. With the China online shopping market exceeded 100 billion mark, online shopping has become an important part of the domestic retail market, especially in the context of the financial crisis, the retail network is having a profound impact on the overall economic China. read more

Analysis of the electricity supplier practitioners on winter the issue of exposure to the industry p

news in December 13th the first half of 2011 also be in full swing of e-commerce enterprises, the second half began to gain the favor of investors. The school on behalf of the network CEO Kongyu Xing’s words revealed the truth: a year ago behind the electricity supplier and one year after the "bad mouthing" business are same, but the real confidence in the business model people do not believe that "electricity into the winter".

"electric winter" argument from the current situation of business enterprise, but the massive burn long time does not make money, mode and development prospects of the electricity supplier is not good, some people even put forward the "business is a scam". However, Ai Rui CEO Yang Weiqing believes that the capital of the winter is not equal to the winter of the industry, the reason why the electricity supplier will be questioned, in essence, because the capital market unhealthy state of mind. read more

Part time insurance website three months of extraordinary development path

insurance website or closely related to my real occupation, is the insurance sales this line I in reality, most in reality is to learn how to communicate with customers, and part-time insurance website or inspired by colleagues, colleagues say if I have Internet technology, so I still do a website to promote their own insurance. This is a word that changed my destiny in the internet. The following share my part-time insurance website for three months of extraordinary Road, I hope this article can also help to other part-time webmaster friends. read more

Sea Amoy trap perfect fake makes you impossible to guard against deception

[Abstract] sea Amoy products will exist true and false questions, identification difficult, return is even more so, the purchase need to be cautious.

Tencent technology Sun Hongchao reported on November 27th

"double eleven" chop hand is not connected, "black five" again.

in recent years, with the fiery cross-border electricity supplier, has been in the United States has a 54 year history of Carnival Shopping Festival black also began to be widespread concern domestic consumers and electronic business platform. read more

f the fresh electricity don’t fix these three problems, capricious burn is no good

Why is the "

Dead Sea fresh": the standard; the loss and cost; the above standard and the cold chain of the "last mile", how to use the "fresh" mode to consumers. Three problems can not be resolved, fresh electricity the thing is actually burn also not burn out why.

March 8th, Suning supermarket company announced to enter the fresh market, the sale of proprietary raw products, and named "Su Xiansheng". The day before, BBK chairman Wang Tian announced the end of April officially launched fresh monkey clouds network step by step. In the years before the merger China Tesco and become the largest supermarket chain Huarun 10000 early announced its own fresh electricity plan, set sail in March. read more

Suning double play through eleven this is the Chinese version of the western world

this month the hottest drama is HBO new oratorio "western world", the Western Cowboy theme park has attracted many tourists Hao throw the daughter to experience, although we are in real life, it is difficult to achieve the sense of the experience, but the next two to eleven Yue Suning make deep reduction Chinese ancient trade the culture of "allure laughter" through the theme park activities or can give the audience.

double eleven also in the transition, the rationale should be cheap, interactive entertainment consumption read more

AP closed on the occasion of Amoy future exploration and forecast

mom in November will be the end of the month to close the API TOP API, I want to master whether novice or in considering the promotion mode of the next step, and my opinion is: the future of Taobao customers, more simple and more refined. And my new site Taobao winter women’s clothing is to follow the two principles. This sentence is mainly on two points, one is simple, two is refined. I do now to Amoy a few months, summed up an increase in the conversion rate of Amoy Heart Sutra: with the least click the user as soon as possible to the taobao.com. This is king. read more