Why the higher the amount of articles out of high jump

today, I thought but because of a problem, why the traffic is high, but the bounce rate is often higher? SEO do believe that for a long time, when the conversion rate is lower and lower, to the emergence of this problem. Like the author today saw his own medical station is responsible for, although some articles ranking is very high, the search volume is very high, but from the station page is often see this page. In view of this question, the author carries on the analysis, the insufficiency also hoped that the predecessors pointed out.

why the article is high, the higher the rate of


reason one: the poor marketing of the article.

I read carefully before writing medical articles, mostly for public welfare is relatively strong, although there are interspersed marketing, but not obvious. However, from the current point of view to consider, for users, more concerned about the public interest. Because we do is brand, is not a separate traffic. If there is a simple flow, but there is no conversion, is the current results. Therefore, we tend to use the results of the search engine, it is not difficult to find this problem, ranking in the front is not necessarily the best, is such a truth.

Chen Chen comments: every day in the update an article to consider is why to write, for the user, what is needed, you have to add it. Only to do a good job in detail, in order to ensure that when you have a view of the article, in order to effectively control the problem of jump out rate. The so-called "rainy day", is probably the reason.

reason two: the content of the article does not match the title.

may be a lot of friends of the content does not match the title and do not understand, more friends asked: "if the content and the title does not match, how search engines will give high ranking and views?" here is the need to correct, good article is not high browsing users need this article the ranking is not good, not necessarily is particularly poor, so, if you have a similar problem, you need to check your article is not belong to this kind of situation leads to a high bounce rate.

Chen Chen commented: the content is not consistent with the title is a very common phenomenon, for example, ordinary users in the search for a title, is generally considered the content they want is what, not It is without rhyme or reason. click. So, from this point of view, the content of the article is not to be ignored, if you do not conform to the content and title, it is clear that users will not feel what they need.

reason three: page loading time is too slow.

on this issue, I have carefully read, our website is open speed is not particularly fast, different browsers open at different speeds, if the search engine is slow, half are not open, he will be upset, if put in for users to consider, this is indeed a not ignore the problem.

Chen Chen.

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