The worst outcome of not doing a user study is death

recently discussed more user research, as if people do not want to talk about the product users will not do research products. In fact, there are some controversial research itself, because many times, the user said, users want, not the user to do.


when the user needs to make a very strong need to express, this time does not necessarily mean that the user in the real scene will be in accordance with the decision to do the research.

if you use research as a verification requirement A or B two choice of judgment basis, in fact, has gone to the wrong side. Many times people around the use of research or overestimate the value of the use of research, or completely ignore the impact of research on the product. I think there are two important values of research:

understand user behavior motivation:

through the investigation to understand the user’s ideas, and mining in the user’s idea of the appearance of a deeper level of behavioral motivation needs. According to the product strategy to meet the objectives of the rejection, or even reverse the implementation of various needs. It is important to note that we do not allow the user to make a decision about whether or not a particular need is needed, but rather to understand the motivation behind the user’s response. Most of the time the user to answer your question is not his needs, but he thinks the solution. In accordance with the user’s ideas, a lot of time will make the product into a dead end.

insight into market changes:

user research should be able to tap the market changes, to help product adjustment direction. When the user research can be found in the market before the product changes, can guide the product to adjust the direction of the market to seize the loopholes, this is a relatively large value of research.

in general, the purpose of the survey should be used to understand the behavior of the user and the market changes, through the user’s behavior and habits to derive the characteristics and direction of the product. However, in the course of research, we must not be used to guide the research data, we must establish their own needs to determine the logic, so that the use of research to become your tool rather than your weathervane. This is the most correct way to use research.

research is a double-edged sword, good research can help the product to establish the direction and understanding of the user, the wrong conclusions of the research will lead the product in a wrong direction, the worst results can lead to death.

took Apple’s user research. Apple Daily has a lot of market research. After a period of time the user to buy the product, Apple will usually send to the user to send the survey website, the user feedback survey. Apple’s research has several features.

1 Apple’s research is only for Apple users, never investigate non Apple users;

2 never relates to the product itself, does not ask the user evaluation of the product itself, such as a conventional product performance, price, appearance, quality, or solicit the user for product improvements, not to mention the concept of new products and test were used to test the



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