How do traditional enterprises do network marketing

bluntly, enterprise network marketing is O2O


traditional enterprises, mainly refers to those who have a production workshop factory. Known as the world factory in Dongguan, there are nearly 50 thousand factories, in 2013, they began to worry, anxious on the Internet in a big, to improve the overall performance of the enterprise. Several years later, there are 80% enterprises stock production and processing, traditional investment, traditional advertising, the transition to the Internet can really scanty business success



most of the factories are getting information from the network, and then through the next line transactions.

do network marketing enterprise factory is currently divided into 3 main categories:

1, not bad money: the nouveau riche various search engines pay promotion, without hiring, journey from the third party to take care of.

2, the network to test the water in the enterprise: the establishment of their own corporate Web site, put in the long time no effect, it has been put.

3, pay attention to the Internet business: the establishment of a professional network department, there are network executives, site operations, SEO Supervisor / Assistant, WeChat public number operations, art, network editing, network customer service and other personnel.

is the first to attach importance to the Internet channel is no professional team of professionals in the business, the second is on the Internet marketing effect questioned and misunderstanding performance. The first 2 have one thing in common: do not understand network marketing. Third to build their own network of traditional teams, is a trend, and is the best access to traditional enterprises through the network.

traditional enterprises do network marketing 8 major errors

1, enterprise network marketing is to build a website;

2, online customers are of no use;

3, do network marketing investment is too large;

4, to do the search is to promote the promotion of network marketing;

5, go to the B2B website to send product information can be

6, the effect of network marketing is too slow and too bad;

7, do a good job of enterprise website SEO can;

8, Alibaba Wang Pu do good enough.

more than 8 enterprises do network marketing errors, is the most common network marketing problems. Directly, the traditional enterprise to do as long as the Internet to solve traffic, products, customer service, these 3 problems can be.

a, flow problem

traffic is a network of visitors, so that customers find you find you, how to make more accurate customers through the network to find themselves in the network marketing is one of the most headaches. Here is the precise flow, only the precise flow can bring precision customers, get more transactions machine >

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