Analysis of the new era of network marketing how to do

Hello, I am happy, someone asked me, why don’t you start a training? Many people learned a few years SEO now, network marketing knowledge, began in the YY, the Internet community network to promote their own how much cattle breaking, then classes before a few period free of charge. After a few period with the popularity of the price rise, then increased from the original 0 yuan to 1000 yuan, 2000 yuan, now, some even Biao million, that’s too expensive, I tell you here, by others as their own, do a good job of marketing, you will be more than the training class learn more. My micro signal is (tt_tech), if you have any problems, you can add me in WeChat, and I exchange this experience.

independent website or portal blog must have!

I see some network company recruitment posts in the local forum, I can search for a few, even a website are not, even without portal blog, the search results are some of the information platform, I think, you have your own website how to better promote their own? How do you get to visit customer confidence in your team? And you are doing the network, has a website is a must.

have a good literary talent to maintain your daily operation


, WeChat QQ, has been very rampant, and as you do the marketing team, the eyes closed can catch a few, how to let everyone pay attention to your team, you pay attention to the promotion of products? It needs you to have a certain literary ability to write different types of articles every day. Able to attract some users, a stable group of users, establish a stable relationship network, and they do it slowly, then your team influence in a certain range will extend slowly, you sit back and enjoy it,


do not think that every day is a product introduction marketing!

do not know from what time, I began to pay attention to the marketing team, the general framework is "content + + micro signal similar product picture" mode, I want to ask you a question, if you are a customer facing every day to push this kind of information, you may be upset in the course of time? The attention of customers will be more and more far away from you but to the other team.

multi cast, to focus on


I have already mentioned in the above or other articles, now the community more and more, but I would not recommend every community to apply for the account, but several community networks on the fire, you will have several accounts? Every day taking some time to maintain, in the course of time, more and more resources that you. When your potential orders will be more and more, and you will wait for the amount of money


look for love this brand may be an important guide to the success of your

actually wrote so much, the focus is the last point

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