Sigh doing virtual hosting services in China is actually very difficult

06 years, cosbeta has a friend began to enter the virtual host for this, when cosbeta pessimistic to the friends expressed their views: it is difficult to do virtual hosting, hosting a great risk of doing in China, especially the policy factors. At that time, but the friend did not agree, but now, the friend told me that now his virtual hosting, preservation is difficult.

in fact, the risk of doing the virtual host is not generally small, at least in the following areas:

national policy

many years ago, the website is no record of this statement, as long as they don’t involve pornographic and "reactionary" thought, they can be assured of the business, whether it is 16 year old girl, such as energy-saving plug side of the ball of the site or the site can be attacked the social world to live happy. However, with the continuous strengthening of the network, the record began to put on the agenda, this time the site is not so good.

The stronger the

network, the greater the chance of being killed. 04 years, the BBS account name system was shut down in a complete mess. 06, 07 years, the forum had to get someone to control the bad words for 24 hours, the virtual hosting business day more sad.

peers vicious competition

recently, a little bit of fame in the independent blog circle of virtual hosting providers announced the cessation of hosting services, and began to deal with refund business. So far, the virtual host’s homepage also cannot open, serious DDoS attack is said, although cosbeta can not jump to conclusions, but the fact is that peer attacks already exist, or because the hosting provider is the server, can not record, is a larger group perhaps in the attack. But cosbeta think before Jiang Zhanyong told me that his blog was serious attacks can be glimpsed, competitors even small personal host service does not let go, you are not to mention larger rivals


users with Chinese characteristics

in the field of virtual hosts, there has been such a saying: 20% of users accounted for about 80% of the resources. In the acquisition of wind and no copyright China the Internet, due to rampant acquisition program, an estimated 10% users accounted for 90% of the resources that can’t be too. Plus China hosting industry is not very mature (many IDC don’t even know how to limit the use of CPU), it is no wonder that many people are complaining that the domestic virtual host is not stable, start the online collection, tens of thousands of times a minute SQL query, the virtual host

down just strange!

virtual host in China is actually very difficult!

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