The thirty-second CNNC report of the second chapter the scale and structure of nternet users

[introduction] at the end of June 2013, China’s netizens reached 591 million, Internet penetration rate of 44.1%.

Tencent science and technology news July 17th news, China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) today released the thirty-second China Internet development statistics report (hereinafter referred to as the report). The report shows that as of the end of June 2013, China’s netizens reached 591 million, Internet penetration rate of 44.1%.

below is the report of the "second chapter of Internet users scale and structural characteristics" part.

first, the scale of Internet users

(a) the overall size of Internet users

at the end of June 2013, China’s netizens reached 591 million, the first half of a total of 26 million 560 thousand new users. Internet penetration rate of 44.1%, compared with the end of 2012 increased by 2 percentage points.


Chinese Internet users and Internet penetration

On 2013

China Internet penetration rate of half steadily, on the one hand is the 2012 Chinese government in information technology to promote a series of policy and network infrastructure construction field gradually released, the popularization of broadband and mobile network construction operations directly drives people to use the Internet; on the other hand is the diversification of the rapid spread of 3G mobile devices, and the wireless application has greatly promoted the increase of mobile phone users, and promote the rapid development of the Internet Chinese. And, from the mobile phone application driven role is obvious, based on the location of the application of some of the unique application of mobile Internet is attracting more and more users. At the end of June 2013, China new mobile phone users in the Internet the proportion is as high as 70%, higher than that of other devices in the proportion of Internet users, mobile phone to explain the popularity of the Internet to promote the important role, is the main source of the growth of the Internet at present.


in the first half of 2013 the use of new Internet users equipment

in April 2013, the Ministry and other eight departments jointly issued "on the implementation of the broadband China 2013 special action opinions", comments pointed out in 2013 is the goal of new 18000 administrative villages through broadband, to achieve the speed of broadband access or modify the 5000 primary and secondary schools in poor rural areas. From the special can be seen, the next phase of the Internet will further promote the work of the rural areas, the number of people in the future use of the Internet in rural areas will be further improved. In addition, the "opinions" also pointed out that the optimization of broadband development environment, strengthen technological innovation, accelerate the upgrading of network evolution, and to promote the universal application of wired and wireless development, deepen, strengthen and improve the industrial chain collaboration, Internet experience, the construction of network infrastructure will be further strengthened, and the Internet user experience.

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