Entertainment broadcast industry white paper released after the hustle and bustle of which players w


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in the dual pursuit of capital and the Internet giant, mobile terminal live entertainment to win explosive growth, live as a new social way, leading to the entrance of the Internet traffic changes. However, the mobile terminal entertainment broadcast industry is also full of the hustle and bustle, after the hundred regiments will inevitably leave only a few players. This is the inevitable law of the industry, but also the inevitable result of the market.

September 19th, Analysys launched the "Chinese coincides with Analysys entertainment broadcast industry white paper 2016", the report may be able to get a glimpse of the future pattern of broadcast industry, analysis of universal mobile Internet era, migration and change of live entertainment.

broadcast industry is far from the outside world, the basic pattern of

general perception, pepper, reflecting the audience is a leading player in the live broadcast industry, which is currently in the field of the first two in the first tier. In fact, from the "Chinese Analysys 2016" live entertainment industry white paper, the crowd may be surprised.

because although pepper, in the market has been reflected off huge volume, YY LIVE has been quietly invisible giants. YY LIVE backed by the celebrations of the times, coerced in the PC era of live already occupy advantage, and live for many years deep industry experience, let it become the biggest benefit in fact.

now, whether it is from the number of active users or users, and users start frequency duration, YY LIVE are always in the absolute leading position, ranked first in the camp, and reflect the guest, pepper and so on in the second camp, third camps in other broadcast platform.

According to the view of "

2016" Chinese live entertainment industry white paper statistics Chinese mainstream entertainment live APP monthly active users scale distribution, YY LIVE absolute superiority to 15 million 540 thousand people in the first row, reflecting off 9 million 910 thousand data is also close to the tens of millions, but the rest of the platform’s monthly living number of users were less than 3 million, and even some hundreds of thousands.

so, the current broadcast industry looks noisy, but the actual strength of the division is very clear. Showing the "rule of 28" and "28 rules" — the real rules at the top of the manufacturers relatively low-key, but is at the bottom of the 20% vendors fry made 80% news, the Ministry of culture in 4 year before the new regulations to rectify the broadcast platform especially moonrise.

after the hustle and bustle, which players will become the ultimate winner

now the hundred regiments cannot long survive. After the noise, will be only one of the few game player, only the establishment of differentiated advantage to become the ultimate winner, at present, has the advantages and characteristics of only then three or four.

now, YY LIVE backed by a live field of togetherness era tree, is the absolute King live entertainment field, and talk about the entertainment broadcast were not around "

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