Ding Lei happy rich has been the richest man never left behind

Abstract: for a time, the clouds to destroy, Ding Lei also insisted that if the NetEase sell price is estimated to be difficult to see the pole. And then, the NetEase’s investors, Chinese queen VC Xu said "NetEase is the only company that she was worried can’t sleep sleep."

some years later look back at the NetEase of Ding Lei, will find that the elegant style he seems to always stand in the "Internet plus" this one huge spotlight, yes, he led the NetEase almost perfect missed all Internet outlet, electricity providers, social networking, O2O, live……

to be honest, two years before the BAT launched a large wave of mergers and acquisitions, as if what Ding Lei did not do, like hidden in the darkness of the losers, that is, his "not as" led to more people want to study him, the more easily confused, nothing.

but even so, in the chaos of the Internet arena, who also dare not underestimate his strength, after all, there is a saying as if to Ding Lei "you tailored not in rivers and lakes, rivers and lakes are always there in your legend".

have to know that this pig in the West Lake side of the literary and artistic youth, that is, and friends to meet Ma Huateng, who inspired the entrepreneur of the Ma Huateng.

drag the "work" and "expelled" by Ding Lei

Ding Lei was born in a common family of intellectuals in Zhejiang Fenghua, but the poor he is a genuine.

he said his high school class of 54 person, his grades sixth to last, was a teacher called past their scolding, the six men dragged the hind legs.

today, he and Jiang Jieshi and his son became an outstanding alumnus of Fenghua high school.

was scolded by the teacher after Ding Lei began to work hard, and later grades slowly rose to tenth in the class.

high school Ding Lei taught himself computer love, BASIC language, the entrance to the selected professional, he wanted to choose a computer professional, but parents strongly opposed, because the computer imaging the tube radiation particularly large, every day sitting in front of the computer as X light, too much damage to the body. So, Ding Lei, followed by the choice of the University of Electronic Science and Technology Department of microwave communications, after all, he also likes a kind of electronic gadgets, when the first assembly of six tube radio.

jubilant Ding Lei just report to the University by brothers poured a pot of cold water: "you this department is always the most difficult assignment, and after the allocation of places is not very good, often went to the ravine, because microwave and satellite communications are in remote rural areas."

Ding Lei very depressed their professional, so they don’t have to learn, just often went to the computer department of Ceng class listening, in order to understand the TCP/IP protocol, he also asked people to eat. He said that the knowledge of his business after the impact is very large, and his professional content for him almost no help.

1993, Ding Lei of Ningbo

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