Site navigation station video ads erotic edge ball by netizens questioned


"set up to know", "cool", "you set no?"". (image from network)


Another version of

popular online advertising dress sexy actress, advertising has not changed. (pictures from the network screenshot)

              Oriental Network reporter Huo Shijie reported on December 26th: "set up to know", "cool", "you set up yet?"…… Recently, a web site navigation video advertising, in Shanghai, many bus lines and mobile TV broadcast on the subway, attracted a lot of passengers disgusted. Too naked, such advertising can spread in public places, the reporter learned from the website, under pressure from all sides, the ad will be revised in recent days.

Shanghai citizens Mr. Sun 26 am to take the bus No. 775, a mobile TV broadcast advertising to make the car passengers are uncomfortable. He recalls, wearing a hot girl kept winking, and the slogan is "set to know – cool". At the end of commercials, the heroine side, a big close-up, biting her lips, spit out the tongue, said softly: "you set up yet?" "when the car crowded," advertising girl blushed in beside the TV." Mr. Sun said, so naked advertising how to play it in public places?

"a web site navigation website, hope that they set to the home page, so simple advertising, but is packaged as a not a phrase with a double meaning of advertisement, with girls, continuous broadcast three times, really floored me." It is understood that this is in addition to broadcast mobile TV advertising in the Shanghai public transportation system in Zhengzhou, Chengdu and other places are still running, and displayed in several well-known video sites have caused a lot of controversy. Some netizens also said that although some advertisements "vulgar", "but I admit that I remember this website completely." More netizens called it the most creative, the most attractive advertising film in the history of Chinese advertising".

Oriental Network reporter 26 pm at the web site navigation, a brand PR unnamed staff admitted that since the advertisement release, received a lot of feedback, "our website is completely green, the reason this is a phrase with a double meaning of advertisements, we want you to remember." Advertising production, distribution and audit issues, the source said, is handed over to a professional third party in the operation, the specific process, the number of content is not convenient to disclose.


site navigation site told London reporter, because of the pressure of the parties, advertising will be replaced in the near future, we will as soon as possible to replace the replacement of the advertising, advertising will no longer have you set up yet etc.." >

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