Cai Wensheng money is the last word Baidu should do something for


news September 2nd, 4399 chairman Cai Wensheng ( today at the World Congress on Baidu Baidu open platform expressed concerns, he said 4399 reasons refused to cooperate with Baidu in the end users worry at the Baidu 4399, while winning the brand, but lost the flow.

it is understood that the well-known master Guo Jijun ( before the date of bid, can directly play popular games in the Baidu search results. When Baidu search through small games, children’s games, beauty games and other related small game words, found that Baidu forced to insert a screen game applications.

Tencent technology search game, found the first screen appears 4 popular games, such as "zombies" and "Tetris" and "Tetris", "HD" deep forest addict people at this, recommend a few games from Lei Jun investment for its games website 7K7K website.

it is worth noting that the country is another popular game site 4399 has not been recommended, and the investment of 4399 Cai Wensheng, and Baidu is very close relationship. Today, Cai Wensheng talked about the reasons for cooperation with Baidu’s open platform is not 4399, said the assessment at the time that the user may stay on top of Baidu, and later chose not to cooperate.

Cai Wensheng said, Baidu open platform for partners to bring users, bring the brand is better, but they must also worry about, this is Baidu the next work to be done, including Baidu how to choose partners, how to make better content, better products with Baidu has a chance of cooperation. "I think this is an open platform Baidu can do better, bigger an important factor." The station is long, there will be more worried, because some of the box below the application platform has been very few, so how smaller sites have the opportunity and Baidu cooperation, it will be a challenge to Baidu.

he believes that Baidu open platform has two key points, the so-called open platform, it is important to use the core of the third party applications and services, so Baidu should try to do something. "That is to say we’re going to see Apple (APPstory) open at that time, in order to do a detailed, he didn’t do it for this application, Baidu also put forward five expectations, must be as fair, positive to do product application."

we know that we are now in the country to open, everyone wants to do an open platform, we know that the value is very large. So, just the first point is that Baidu can do as much as possible, do not."

as a businessman, Cai Wensheng also talked about the majority of the most concerned about the problem, that is to make money. "We made an application to us

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