One hundred thousand personal sites due to the white list to be transferred to overseas


ten personal website for the white list closed part to the transfer of overseas

"we are very busy now, the site has been broken down, we have to quickly all the domestic customers are transferred abroad." December 23rd, received the daily economic news reporter’s phone, Anhui IDC (Internet Data Center) webmaster network station Zhao Wuzheng busy.

After the beginning of the December

Telecom began the implementation of the system is disconnected pornographic websites, according to public information, Anhui, Jiangxi, Shanghai, Sichuan and other dozens of city’s personal website have been told "white". According to incomplete statistics, there are about ten have personal site because of "white" off.

shut down into the white list of the site

an unprecedented difficult test placed in front of China’s personal website owners: all did not enter the white list of sites will be shut down, can not access.

According to the

to strengthen the management of domain name registration ministry launched in December 16th, the special rectification action, will implement the blacklist system for domestic website domain name holder, will be shut down the website domain name holder into blacklist. Under the relevant departments to crack down, directly for telecom operators the weight of responsibility, service tens of thousands of domain IDC access providers have begun to adopt more stringent measures "white list system", all are not on the list are unable to access the domain name.

China is currently using IDC method is the first seal and then check, which is to shut down all servers, and then another one of the investigation, no problem to restore access services.

webmaster network founder Zhang Zhengjun said that the current domestic monthly income of 1000 yuan in the ~10000 yuan, do a good job to earn a few million or even several hundred thousand dollars a year. Most of these people are full-time webmaster.

although many sites are small, but also an integral part of the industrial chain, especially in such a diversified era." The Internet Lab CEO Liu Xingliang on the "daily economic news" reporter said, "not because of illegal and irregular individual website all yigunzidasi, in China in the development of Internet, especially small websites need to give more encouragement and support."

The person in charge of

Admin5 webmaster network who complained about the "daily economic news" reporter: "our webmaster for the about 600000 of the previously provided information platform, now has at least 100 thousand owners affected by their loss, we have lost the meaning of existence."

IDC also damaged

"most of our customers are affected by the inventory of individual owners, they run a small games, movies, novels, forums, social networking and other sites are small capital investment small website, asking them to do all the required documents is almost impossible, but once they shut down all our portal platform with >

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