Liu Yu include website construction is the key to do a good job

modern society, the influence of the network has never been ignored, you must pay attention to the stage. In the vast sea of many enterprises have tasted the sweetness, is preparing to go out further. However, due to different geographical areas, resulting in the level of economic development, but also led to differences in business ideas. Let a lot of people want to use e-commerce to get a breakthrough from the business is still hovering outside the door of the internet. Since the network marketing, various types of enterprise websites have also seen a lot of. Most of the previous friends of the south, Shanghai, Shenzhen. This is a relatively high level of economic development. The customer’s perspective are more advanced, but also have a certain foundation understanding of network promotion, communication is relatively easy, Changchun local enterprises also have a lot of customers looking for Liu Yu with discussion of website construction and promotion problem, because our costs and relatively flat water consumption is still relatively low compared to the local, and explore the establishment of customer promotion problem is mostly, how to design the website structure, can better reflect the function of network marketing. For web designers, and fancy interface, the customer is not very concerned about.

Qi has recently added Changchun television advertiser promotion channel. Liu Yu, with a number of local enterprises in Changchun after contact with customers, we found that the construction of enterprise website promotion in Changchun, more concerned about the page’s art. While ignoring the actual role of the site and network marketing functions. Business executives do not pay attention to these. CEOs for the Internet to understand the extent of Liu did not dare to blindly evaluate to what extent. But from our normal network marketing, using the Internet to show an ambitious goal and a long distance. As the northeast old industrial base of the central city. When we carry out the network marketing enterprise website construction should pay attention to those problems Liu Yu mainly from a few points to talk about their views:

1, the enterprise website should not just a beautiful appearance billboard.

An important window to display the

as a corporate image, appearance is necessary, but should not be in addition to a fancy interface, what are not, structure of internal chaos, empty business description. Home a beautiful FLASH pictures, simple inside page design and product description, after entering into a great emotional gap. Want to know more information when there is nothing to see. Several years have not been updated and maintained. If you do not see the name card on the web site from the Internet, basically unable to search website, then this website for our enterprises, can have much effect? How much can bring positive sales promotion, and brand display? For many small and medium-sized enterprises mister, what is the most technical backbone, or sales elite today, a record of such a house. Looking back on how many years of hard work and hard work you have today’s achievements. As for the emerging things a subversion of the traditional sales model, how could so straightforward and simple overnight


2, enterprise website is to show our good carrier.


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