WeChat service number to 4 times the number of senior mass interfaces more flexible

WeChat service number to 4 times a month to increase the advanced group method interface more flexible

[TechWeb] April 15th news, WeChat public platform today to adjust the number of public account service number of rules, all the number of services from the original number of 1 times a week to a monthly increase of 4 times. In addition, WeChat has also been open to WeChat certified service number of advanced mass interfaces, developers can design a more flexible group communication through advanced bulk. But the advanced group interface is only available to WeChat certified service number, while each user can receive up to 4 public messages per month.

it is understood that, in order to avoid the public account of the fans of information bombing and over marketing, in July last year, WeChat’s subscription number and service number for the public to distinguish. The subscription number can send a message every day, but the information can not be folded alone, and do not have the custom menu function; service number though with a custom menu, the follow-up also has some advanced interface functions, but the message sending is limited in the number of times a month.

WeChat team for the development of the functional features of the public account has three stages. The first stage is interactive communication, the most commonly used is mass messaging. The second stage is the user management, the public number is inherently a CRM platform. The third stage is customized services, such as cooperation with banks, etc..

analysis said that the strategy is indeed accurate, personalized customer service expansion, but the release of mass information, does not mean that Tencent’s marketing behavior on WeChat connivance. On the contrary, means the right side of the business is bigger, the greater the responsibility of enterprises, if the abuse of authority mass will lead to the high rate of public and unsubscribe, WeChat, some enterprises have begun to taste the consequences of excessive marketing.

recently, the WeChat team released the WeChat public platform operating specification clearly indicates that the ban on junk and bad information, while encouraging the user to send the effective information and information to meet the needs. (Ming Yu)

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