How to let Sina micro-blog fans in a few weeks to break through 2000

small woman stayed at an Internet company for a month, suddenly received orders of superiors, everyone must open a micro-blog, and let the number of fans more than 1000, it can be hard on me, usually on micro-blog, send photos of what, also 100 fans, I want a while to 1000 what to do? In a study of women under 1000 fans, discovered that in fact it is too easy to achieve. And in a week, I’ve been able to break through 2000 of my fans.

below to talk about how I was able to achieve a breakthrough in 2000 fans a week:

1) profile:

personal data I use is the nickname Rabbit candy, hey, see people kind of cute? And with the one I love the little girl’s head, so I started a micro-blog fan trip. In fact, the use of nicknames is very particular about the best use of Chinese, Chinese people are not sensitive to the number of English, and the best Chinese only. If the user name is a certain 123 people feel like someone’s piracy. That’s why I went to such a name without losing my personality.

2) Tags:

I give myself a few Tags: "Indoorswoman", "80", "gossip", "Virgo" tag that is this a few according to my own personality to label, also increased the probability of search to I was. The "Indoorswoman" "80" is the more popular label, in fact I still in the label, if both people often search, if people do not use, then I show the probability is much earlier. For example: plant War Zombies, Yang Mi watercress iPhone once someone search, then there are two thousand fans, I will generally show on the first page, the probability of being concerned will greatly increase.


What is the biggest characteristic of micro-blog

? Not the immediate release of information, but concerned about each other, with sina micro-blog this week, I have not stopped attention, keep attention, don’t stop to cancel the attention! Of course you are generally pay attention to others, others will pay attention to you? Well, we it is not a small day without doing anything to tens of thousands of fans. So every day I put the attention of the fill. Of course, there are skills. I have here three not concerned, first, do not pay attention to celebrity stars so busy all day. What is the time to pay attention to our Indoorswoman? Second, he focused on the more than 500 no attention. Wow you to pay attention to the 500 person which is time to focus on me! Third, not individual users do not pay attention to. Now a lot of enterprise website, and advertising are open micro-blog, they are generally concerned with purpose, I won’t see my hair content so just a false number only, I do not have to pay attention to them. I was so focused on creating about 1000 fans in a week.

4) micro-blog article:


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