Search engine classification knowledge

Search engine classification: when Guangzhou Yongle air conditioning maintenance network, came into contact with the SEO technology, I find out the knowledge to share with you, ha ha, I hope useful for everyone. The search engine according to the working mode can be divided into three kinds, respectively is the full-text search engine (Full Text Search Engine), search index directory (Search Index/Directory) and meta search engine (Meta Search Engine).

– text search engine

the full-text search engine is worthy of the name of the search engine, the foreign representative of Google, Fast/AllTheWeb, AltaVista, Inktomi, Teoma, WiseNut, the famous Baidu (Baidu). They are through various websites from the Internet information extraction (Web text based) and the establishment of the database, retrieval and query record matching, then according to a certain order of the results returned to the user, so they are the real search engine.

– index

directory index although a search function, but it is not in the strict sense of the real search engine, just according to the catalogue list of Web links. Users can not rely on keyword (Keywords) queries, but also can be found in the classification directory information required. The index of the most representative is the famous YAHOO Yahoo. Other well-known Open Directory Project (DMOZ), LookSmart, About, etc.. Domestic Sohu, Sina, NetEase search also belong to this category.

– meta search engine (META Search Engine)

meta search engine in accept user query requests, at the same time in a number of other search engines, and returns the result to the user. The famous meta search engine has InfoSpace, Dogpile, Vivisimo and so on (meta search engine list), the Chinese meta search engine with a representative of the search engine. In the search results, some direct search engine results, such as.

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