The second China Network Engineer Xiakexing online live video conference

Hangzhou time 2008.5.24 keynote speaker 8:00-9:30   has full morning sign; 9:30-9:50 opening ceremony Wang Tao Ali software general manager 9:50-10:30 Chen Shiqing keynote speech – Chinese scientists, academicians 10:30-11:10 speech David Axmark – MySql CTO, founder of 11:10-11:50 speech

Lin Bin -, vice president of Chinese Academy of Engineering

11:50-12:10 keynote speech

ma – chairman of the board of directors of Alibaba CEO

  afternoon venue open platform /Open Platform 13:30-14:30 Google Android Di Shuo – Google mobile phone platform project leader 14:45-15:45 Google OpenSocial Guo Yingshou CTO 16:00-17:00 Alisoft SAAS – the Platform – Zhao / Ali software chief architect is full * breakout two large retractable system /Large scalable system 13:30-14:30 A close look at Hadoop Eric Baldeschwieler Yahoo US 14:45-15:45 building a high-performance large system Ari Zilka Terracotta CTO 16:00-17:00 or best practice large system design John Thrall Yahoo US has been out of three open service framework of /Open Service the framework 13:30-14:30 OSGi Lin Hao China, platform architect User Group Director 14:45-15:45 SCA Huang Liu Qing, chief scientist, CTO 16:00-17:00 OperaMask AG, but the chief architect of Kingdee middleware is full * the venue four Web open source technology /Web Opensource technology 13:30-14:30 Adobe AIR Bryan Lee Adobe US 14:30-15:45 OpenID Yahoo 16:00-17:00 JBoss Seam Norman Richards Jboss Seam lead d>

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