Analysis of the details of enterprise website soft marketing

Enterprise Station SEO as everyone knows, the author thinks that the present operation mode optimization of benign and healthy is very worthy of recommendation, enterprise site outside chain with Baidu algorithm escalating crackdown on artificial chain obvious to people we, in this case, how to add natural sites outside the chain of high quality of the relevant that is one of the current SEO marketing optimization is a very important link, marketing lies in the details of the grasp, we should start by what? Well, let’s enter the gossip short, today the theme, analysis of the details of the soft marketing enterprise website.

first, clear soft text for the user groups. I think any of us a valuable soft Wen is very important in writing before the planning problem is the primary goal, planning positioning, I said, user oriented groups including what aspects, which they often active platform, an article can resonate with the user, this is our most basic text writing the requirements of. In their own often in stationmaster net contribute as an example, the optimization of SEO soft main target group is the webmaster friends, their active platform webmaster nets, the laggards, seowhy and so on, we take stationmaster network as an example, the soft target group I clear the grass root webmaster is vast, because itself is a with their own experience and grassroots webmaster friends share is the most close to the reality, but also the most likely to be accepted by the majority of owners said.

second, soft marketing title must highlight the theme. The title is one of the best embodiment of the central idea of the article, any article is to establish the extension and expansion on the basis of a topic, the article must be closely linked to the theme. Today, the author of this article is mainly to share details of marketing, one of the title and the theme of the suit is marketing details, imagine an article written by enterprise marketing theme but the content is all about website construction or site optimization, this is clearly contrary to the theme, this is a point of the taboo in soft writing process, we only need in the process of writing time of our language is beside the point analysis of the constant attention of the train of thought, this is generally very easy to avoid misunderstanding.

third, the content of the article to have a real help to the user. I think to write high quality soft Wen is not a simple title writing and content, a more important is how to let users for our spontaneous spread, so the value is a must, we want to ask the soft writing before this article whether there is immediate help for the readers, because of good quality, good, enlightenment what is the soul, set people thinking all the people can not resist, marketing is the same reason, here I own a website for example, my own website is Lantian jade, of course, many Internet friends know and understand the Lantian jade or through our previous textbooks, sea pearl tears, Lantian sun smoke this sentence understanding, this time a lot.

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