After the merger between Baidu Ali Ctrip group comments how to win the beauty O2O tug of war

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merger ends, the second half begins.

in 2015, we saw Ctrip and where to go, and fast drops, the U.S. group and the public comment, and 58 fair, suddenly merge the four direct competition group company. After the merger, drops of travel CEO Cheng Wei, the U.S. group comment CEO Wang Xing (micro-blog) invariably put forward the concept of the second half. From a technical point of view, robots, big data, artificial intelligence, automatic driving is the pursuit of these Internet Co, but also the second half.

but the reality is that the second half is their business evolution path. From the burn subsidies to the pursuit of revenue and profit from the maximum value, spare no effort to pursue market share and the number of users to the development of each user, and they are gradually transformed into a "real" business.

we hope to explore this four articles, a series of mergers to the entire Internet product, market and user level changes brought about, and these companies began to change in before and after the merger occurred and the second half.


text / Tencent technology Xin

"merger" and "split" is a description of the two key words in the past year.

one afternoon in September, has always been a low-key mission to the United States Tour wine business group president Chen Liang with a metal frame glasses, wearing shirts, jeans, sneakers appear in front of the media. From August onwards, a new high resolution hotel tourism business news since four, Chen Liang chose to stand out to deny the news.

Most of the rumors of

and Internet Co similar to fermentation from from the news, from the fuzzy to with certainty, although the U.S. mission has repeatedly denied comments but still can not rule out speculation.

this is because before that, after the merger of the "Big Mac" has split the hook on the body. The cat’s eye "to help 2013 embarrassed way Thailand embarrassed" create box office miracle, group purchase business movie tickets then beauty group comments CEO Wang Xing to U.S. group into independent sub brand. Over the past three years, the U.S. group announced in May this year’s comment is split into independent companies, the introduction of light Media Holdings, and in June this year turnaround.

takeaway food, group purchase, online ticketing, hotel and tourism as the core business of the U.S. group comments, after the merger has experienced business spin off and repeatedly adjusting the structure, behind all of this indicates that in order to profit for the purpose of O2O in the second half, it is a possibility of an independent business, so that the new company can harvest more "nice" financial statements.

from a macro perspective, the valuation has reached $18 billion U.S. group financing has not too easy to comment again, and the need to deal with pressure from investors seeking financing, spin off business alone may be a better choice.

At the same time, the company continued to adjust the

, the United States mission also commented on the whole line

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