Challenge QQ to carve up instant messaging Market

A few days ago

, QQ has a new game, called the QQ speed, the wooden love racing game, heard this very curious, Download demo, how to play how awkward "see also QQ imitation" personal feeling is like a bubble karting, just picture a bit optimization. With the point of his functions. QQ oh, you can’t have a little of their original, did you also take a good foreign game finished ah, these years you imitate the game mode and also less? I think how big a Tencent with a new idea of the people no


QQ then again, dare to do so, because it is a powerful user group in support, people know that no matter what he did, what to do in a large number of users can be successful, you do not play there will always be 1% people to play, that is what the concept of Internet users! And flow quantity is the kingly way


is the user is king, but don’t ignore, the largest users in the Internet how many grassroots, grassroots webmaster, every webmaster are independent of the characteristics of their own, have their own user group, add up to thousands of webmaster users is? But also more than QQ if there is a pattern to? All together, using every webmaster resources, make a bigger cake, each man a piece, then the instant messaging market will see a dominant situation? The grassroots webmaster can share a cake by myself in this market, this is a small cake created value, no matter from what counts than the hanging point of small ads, the use of advertising to survive the strong


how to do? A lot of people want to know, wood before an article "Instant Messaging Market smoke, jabber standard Chinese" spoiler chat to the JABBER problem, unfortunately a lot of friends think that I am in the written text, the influence did not achieve, hope to have interested friends can go to understand JABBER, wood here only say how to use JABBER QQ to carve up the market, this cake bigger and instant messaging.

It should be said that the

JABBER biggest feature is compatible with the exchange, for example, now basically use the JABBER protocol instant messaging software can be interconnected, such as you can use the GTALK MSN login, what do you mean, that is to say as long as it is in the JABBER protocol instant messaging software users can chat with each other the difference between what the client does not exist, in fact most of the instant messaging software to a certain extent are interconnected, but some enterprises or individuals for their own interests are not allowed to exchange. What is the use of this, is very simple, since JABBER is compatible with a communication protocol, so everyone can set up their own JABBER server, make your own personalized instant messaging software, so what are the benefits, for example, such as wood made an instant messaging software using the jabber protocol ah, but the wood is focused on chess game, integration and online customer service (in the instant messaging software >

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