360 push buy open platform has been working with a number of buy site


Qihoo 360 announced today in Beijing launched the 360 group purchase open platform, the open platform for the 360 group purchase site navigation.

February 23rd afternoon, the Qihoo 360 announced the launch of the 360 group purchase open platform (tuan.360.cn), launched the "one-stop" service, through open application interfaces, meet the qualifications of the group purchase site can access the platform. Qihoo 360 President Qi Xiangdong introduced to join the platform after the group purchase website can share 360 of the users, the flow of resources.

Qi Xiangdong stressed at the scene of the event, the 360 will adhere to the somewhat do not for the open principle, the future will also be in the field of web games, software management and other aspects of the development of open strategy.

this open platform for 360 buy site navigation. According to reports, the number of buy site, including the handle network, glutinous rice, 24 coupons and other domestic mainstream buy site, including more than 200 buy site joined the platform. The total number of goods purchased on the platform has also been more than 20 thousand models, covering the country’s more than and 130 cities.

360 aspects, said that all of the 360 users, the use of the account can be purchased in a number of group buying site 360. The group has developed an open platform to develop the relevant rules to protect the interests of users, access to the platform to buy the site must have the corresponding business qualification and buy goods authorization. At the same time, 360 will also open group time evaluation group purchase website, review the past and today the group purchase group purchase goods the existence of fraud.

insiders’ open ‘influence to express their views,’ open ‘in the next ten years the Internet will be very important direction of development. (Li Qing)

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