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February 24th news, CCTV’s focus column yesterday exposed the current stock market and stocks prepared by the trap software.

below for the program text record:

at present, can let investors flourishes myth abound in many websites, victorious software stocks, only earn not to compensate the valet stocks, all kinds of exciting advertising to attract a lot of investors entering the stock market. However, when the people who dream of high returns came into some of the stock market, they found themselves in an elaborate trap.

junior high school culture to do the stock market insider news trick users

on the Internet, we can search a variety of web page making stocks, they are neat, full of "dark horse dealer insider information," provoking words. However, more and more investors cheated cases to tell people that the use of certain sites must be careful. Ms. Zhang in Beijing has such a change in her life experience.

April 2009, Ms. Zhang is an address in Shanghai, called "Shanghai Orient Securities Company Limited" stock website to attract, and then she called the site "executive" and "high"".

call "high Zhiming" displays mature and professional touched Ms. Zhang, more let her heart is "Gao Zhiming" behind the remarkable ability of the company. The "volunteers" told Ms. Zhang, they provide absolute insider information timely and accurately, tens of millions of people are their members, they lift a stock funds is that you can’t imagine, there are hundreds of million.

"high Chi" as long as the commitment to become a member, you can use the company’s insider information profiteering. In order to enjoy the membership service, Ms. Zhang sent the first fee: 3500 yuan fee. But pop up a window, said she did not pay margin.

"high Chi" telephone told Ms. Zhang, in order to ensure that the company’s insider information will not be leaked, the member must first pay 20 thousand yuan deposit. Ms. Zhang was very surprised, because after the "high Chi" never said but also a deposit. But considering that has invested 3500 yuan fee, she was remitted 20 thousand yuan deposit. As more and more money is invested, Ms. Zhang has been unable to stop, and later, when she was in accordance with the "high Chi" requirement collect again 100 thousand yuan to go after each other all can not get through the phone, her cold hands and feet, trembling, home to turn on the computer, the web has no.

Ms. Zhang quickly reported, six months after the police finally cracked the case of Beijing District of Chongwen, Shanghai Orient Securities Company Limited really surfaced: This is a false website, while the real name is Chen Shisheng "kaochih"

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