The crisis is how the life and death of Ali through life and death stand

Abstract: Peng Lei many years later recalled, "Ali has been able to come today, largely thanks to enhance in the organization, in the year of talent construction investment, and in the years to create a learning organization atmosphere."

is at the end of 90s the rise of Internet technology has just suffered another Internet bubble period, today’s business environment is quite grand bridge thousands upon thousands of horses and soldiers. Ma Ma entrepreneurs stand on the other side of the success of the said, today is very tragic, very tragic tomorrow, the day after tomorrow is very good, but the vast majority of companies are dead tomorrow night."

look back at the Alibaba’s business history, not singing all the way, each stage in the creation, expansion and stability have been of vital importance of labor, but are lucky to survive the crisis, success in the NASDAQ bell. Some people evaluate the success of Ali is timeterrain people the fortuitous event, under the new economic environment, facing the rapid change of the market and win the head broken and bleeding many competitors, want to survive the next round is not easy, not to mention the market.

but in many research effort on Ali organization the eyes of experts, Ali’s success is not accidental. Behind the success of the business, they define this e-commerce giant – the real learning organization.

is a learning organization, has the ability of self adaptation adjustment, the overall learning update, to deal with the business environment changes and internal organization increasingly complex, as a self running ecological system, has a self repair and the ability to adapt to the environment, full of vitality.

we often see, because the team ability to hinder the development and even lead to project failure scenario –

CEO professional experts from the field for the transformation of the company operators, the ability to break through the comprehensive;

money to support the invitation to join the team, the team ability and business development does not match;

even if the bull from the BAT to join, Daniel’s own professional and business development needs to conflict;

because of constant adjustment, the morale of the team loose slack;

the challenge of every team expansion;


to lead the team out of the layers of the siege, CEO and team members must have the learning and learning into action quickly, the problems encountered in the entrepreneurial process to deal with. This is to create a learning organization value, not only in good times will learn into action to improve business growth, more important is the face of adversity has the adaptive ability to cope with the crisis brought every change. This crisis may come from external markets and competitors, but also from the internal organization of changes or decision-making errors.

2000 Internet bubble period, Ali did not find a successful business model, no investors are willing to invest additional money on the account can only live up to six months ago

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