Apple’s core system engineer Xie Mengjun how open source affect programmers

what is open source


we all like open source, in the country also mentioned that open source is considered a good thing. But in the end what is open source, perhaps most people are not clear about the concept of open source.

most of the domestic software companies or developers of open source enthusiasm, only limited to the following two areas: free code; Deep Participation in open source activities. Open source, we use more, less contribution. China launched the influential open-source project, is also very rare. Good phenomenon is seemingly on the Apache foundation, and gradually be able to see a lot of domestic companies to contribute to the code, to become the top project.


I heard of the free software spiritual leader Richard · Matthew · Stallman (Richard Matthew Stallman) speech speech, he emphasized the "Free is not free", in the words of my personal interpretation is "free, not free". Free open source is free, but not equal to free. Open source is a commercial act. Imagine, we usually use Google Baidu search, the surface is free, hidden behind the commercial advertising to bring them huge profits. When we enjoy the open source of free meals, we have completely forgotten the true power of open source – open source is free, but not free.

In addition to

, the definition of open source understanding, you can also borrow the first Mr. Lu Xun said, take doctrine". Bring the resources of capitalism to socialism. The doctrine is not bad, because only when you use this product, you can understand the open source, to understand what his open source products in the end. Before live started, one of my classmates asked me how I was involved in an open source project. My answer is that the first doctrine, an open source project to take over, their first use. In fact, this view may be different from most people. Most people feel the need to contribute to open source, need to pay. Frankly, ISM is the first step. How to participate without using

?But not all

ism. Only a "Hello word", write a demo, just give up halfway this thing just so so, this attitude is not really involved. Really contribute to an open source product, you need to do the following:

understand what an open source application scenario is;

wanted to understand why the author designed it, and designed the product in order to solve some problems;

the original author to solve the problem of these scenes, whether it meets my scene problem?

judgment based on [3], if you are in the same scene the same problem. You can use the doctrine". The application is not tasted, "

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