The chain of Taobao pictures will be the end of March to use the new shield


] March 3rd news billion state power network, according to the billion state power network to understand, March 31st, pictures of all external domain will not be able to use the new.

Taobao said that now Taobao’s picture space has been free, the function has been upgraded. In order to sell the data security and identification of the entire network piracy, Taobao will gradually stop the support of external links.

It is reported that

, Taobao will end, Taobao released in the commercial assistant terminal, terminal, supply and marketing platform to release API upload server (all third party tools) and shop decoration of new sellers publishing and editing of the chain of goods pictures "show for free". However, if the seller does not edit the seller before the release of the chain image can still be displayed.

in the process of shielding the chain will detect and remind the seller, Taobao announced the timing of the shield. From the beginning of January 20th, to add new external domain image shield gap. The existing external domain name can still be used and displayed. However, from the beginning of the middle of February before these already exist in the external domain name of the new image will gradually be shielded, the seller prior to the use of the external domain name can not be added.

as of March 31st, all of the external domain names will not be able to add new pictures on Taobao, including the seller’s product release and store decoration behavior. And once again, the chain will also be considered as a new picture to be screened. In the meantime, prior to the existence of the chain picture without editing action, still can be used normally. As of September 30th, all external domain names will not be displayed on Taobao. The seller needs before September 30th, will transfer all external links to pictures picture space.

to the seller as soon as possible pictures move, Taobao launched Taobao assistant move tool, the tool can be moved as soon as possible outside the image of Taobao.

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