The Pirate Bay has been down for hours specific reasons unknown

according to foreign media reports, after only a few months of normal operations, "Pirate Bay" website on Sunday EST again service interruptions. It is unclear the specific causes of the downtime. But there is a saying that the power of the game in the fifth quarter download too large, resulting in heavy load server was forced to strike".

deadline, "Pirate Bay" has not been repaired, downtime has lasted for several hours, it is obviously not a small problem.

is currently known is that the downtime associated with "Pirate Bay" server hosting providers, but the specific software, or hardware problem, still can make nothing of it — of course, there may be a server power for some reason was pulled out.


"Pirate Bay" since last year by the Swedish police raided and seized the server, began to reverse proxy CDN service to CloudFlare. Normally, the main server downtime, CloudFlare will provide Always Online backup service access for customers. However, for some reason, "Pirate Bay" in CloudFlare backup service can not be accessed, search any seed file will get the following 522 error page:

in fact, the Pirate Bay since January this year to restart the line, there has been such a small problem. The official confirmation of the downtime incidents so far at least also reached two. Pirate Bay, the official team will usually publish some of the development information through the blog site. But in view of the current state of the entire site is inaccessible, Pirate Bay official blog apparently can not provide services.

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