The use of false promotion tactics engine keyword promotion source

today website statistics view search keywords, one word at the sight of " qq287008***" web traffic, in order to prevent cheating; you said I like advertising, I put his QQ number after the three for * * *. I feel I should not have this website content in the source of the Baidu page check, do not I stand. I and several other sites, all received this information, I think many owners have received this information.

suddenly remembered before, when using a brush flow software, can achieve such operation: set a false traffic sources, in the view of web traffic statistics, you can see the source of this is true, if it is set to the Baidu search results page, you can see the word.

in the keyword search over the view

well, I have such an idea, students have the ability to implement it, do a small software can be used to crawl a site Links, as well as the site of the Links Links, in turn, can get a lot of data of the site, and then set a false source source a keyword in Baidu or GOOGLE search results page, use the false sources to visit several times the climb to the site, of course, the key is you have to do the advertising content, can not be too long, each visit a website to complete each advertising operation. This advertisement I received is perhaps the way to achieve.

finally want to remind you not to do malicious advertising.

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