Willing to start the third round of $10 million financing network

November 20th news, according to willing network (shede.com) CEO Ma Jian confirmed that willing to start the third round of the network has been $10 million financing, is expected to announce the details of the first quarter of next year. Ma Jian said after the financing will be willing to start large-scale network marketing, and improve the industry’s competitive threshold.

was founded in early January 2008 to network known as "the biggest unused goods processing center field of electronic commerce". Data show that the network is willing to give about 2 million users, independent IP visitors per day at the top and bottom of the 100 thousand.

"we simply had an account," Ma Jian said of sina technology, willing to network active users accounted for 30% of the total, including shopping once a week for about 60% months, according to a 4 week every shopping 150 yuan, "willing to scale shopping demand network has more than two hundred million".

talked about the business model, Ma Jian said to network virtual currency, redemption value and other activities, to improve the traditional second-hand exchange website and low efficiency, low success rate, the user level is low; at the same time, will also actively joint Jingdong willing to network mall and other well-known online shopping mall, the establishment of "Shopping for Refund, joint promotion" network alliance.

thus, willing to re locate the network by the shopping after a stop into a shopping stop". In accordance with Ma Jian’s vision, willing to network is not a traditional B2C, C2C e-commerce website competitors, but to expand the market partners, although he admitted that the current network is still willing to explore the mode.

in accordance with the plan, willing to network estimates by the end of next year, the user size of at least 10 million. In addition, Ma Jian’s another important work is to start the third round of financing.

was willing to have completed two rounds of financing network. 08 years of the end of April, willing to network access to angel investors Wang Leilei 4 million yuan investment. Almost exactly one year later, willing to network SIG Heiner Asian venture capital fund second round of $4 million investment. And Ma Jian’s financing target to raise the scale of $10 million.

now the key is the valuation problem, Ma Jian admitted that the current calculation of net profit, the profit is not willing to give up the network does not dominate. But can not be regarded as the primary consideration of profit, Ma Jian said the last thing to look at how to talk about, but he also hinted that millions of dollars can be exchanged for not more than 30% of the shares.

, according to sources, ready to plan the first quarter of next year net financing. Since then, up to about 50% of the financing will be used for marketing, in order to improve the industry’s competitive threshold. Ma Jian said that after the completion of this work, willing to network will have the ability to resist competition and imitation, there will be no big risk".

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