Nine practical website promotion method to help you increase traffic

website promotion for many webmasters is a headache, the site is done, there is no one to see, can not achieve the value of the site.

now I started in the business website to share some experience to share.

First of all,

must have a good website, what is a good site it is to clear the site positioning, the user needs to clear the target group, to provide users with valuable services. Then you can start to promote the site.

1, search engine promotion

will visit the site search engine, such as Google, Baidu, Yahoo, and so on (as long as submitted to some of the major search engines, other natural will be included). Of course, in order to have a better ranking in the search engine, this is the first to have your site content, can be updated in time, but also to carry out SEO (search engine optimization).

2, link

is also a good way to promote the link, but in the time to do a good job to pay attention to the link, and their website content related to the site to do the link will be better.

3, navigation website login

can log on navigation site. For example, hao123 and 265 or 361

4, resource cooperation promotion

through the website link exchange, exchange mutual play, cooperative advertising, content collaboration, user resources, to achieve the purpose of mutual promotion is similar between the target site, one of the most commonly used way for web links.

5, information release promotion

can go to the classified information website, web programmers, artists, release recruitment information like the owner of these sites, as long as you don’t send illegal information, generally will not delete your article, it will also bring traffic to your website.

6, the establishment of attractive features columns.

such as entrepreneurship when entrepreneurship questions, CY hodgepodge of CY community. This will attract repeat customers to visit your site.

7, go to each big stick, BBS propaganda:

this is more effective, which note a few points: publicity do not send a look is the post of advertising.


and News Promotion

I think this is the best way to promote the site, through this method for me to bring a lot of traffic, every day on average to thousands of IP, sometimes more. Before I wrote an article on the network promotion methods and techniques of the article, which is written in great detail, and the process of the video, you can go and see (the article was reproduced, many website article titled: network promotion and complete tutorial skills can go to Baidu, Google search.

9, for the site to add RSS subscription function

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