Grassroots station to do the local forum information network site to promote the initial combat

September 2013, decided to start learning website, because there is free time, from the beginning of the 10 year to 13 years, 3 years, from the Internet to chat, to play online games. When I played a big online game I insisted on playing for 2 years, I have summed up some ways to make money. Suddenly, I insist on doing one thing or can get results.

after 13 years, I have entered the ranks of the 30 year old, 30 standing saying let me feel that I haven’t been able to stand up. Then, I think I should not be in such a time. Since there is time to contact the Internet, might as well learn to do a website, if I stick to the later may also be able to achieve some of their own small business.

because I do not want to put too much, but also can not find people to teach me, I simply look at the video from the Internet to do self-study station. Because, my mind has been thinking about how to expand a market. It’s like putting some of your ideas on the website. Beginners do stand contact is the forum, a lot of information, and now the forum is not good to do. I’ve had 2 small failures. One is planning a large public service station "begging aid network", and feel with my ideas, but can not do good promotion, this is the first hand of my website, 2 months after I turned off.

re positioning, do local forums, it was said to do a local station to seize a point, I chose to do the local women’s forum in Weifang. Of course, but also because of the difficulties in the promotion of the late, I also decisively turned off. This station has let me lost more than 3000 yuan, because I spent the next line to promote the promotion of the printed page.

pass, before the failure of the local forum from Weifang to the country. I decided to do a smaller station, to better promote and publicize. Moreover, now I completed the first time since the establishment of the site and business cooperation, completed the first phase of free publicity. Let me share with you.

I live in one of the downtown areas of Weifang – Hanting. My site was originally named "Hanting tribe". Because, in addition to Hanting Baidu post bar and the government’s portal and radio and television network, there is no other comprehensive website. Perhaps, too many people feel that this place is relatively small, not much traffic, but also to know a number of friends who have done here, the station was closed.

I put this station as the Hanting forum and the Hanting information network. Now, I have added a "Hanting Commercial Street", I was taking all the streets of Hanting to take pictures of the street, and then uploaded to the Hanting tribe in Hanting commercial street. First, I plan to have a certain amount of information to help Hanting to search and query.

for the first time with the business cooperation, I made a "move car card" card. Many people do not know what it is to move the car card, is a phone number, put in the car, when you convenient parking, inconvenience to others, to make people easy to contact you, such a film.


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