Zhong Zhixin unique website name more favorable promotion

the Spring Festival holiday is over, and we have to start our new year. Also have to return to work, these two days I (Zhong Zhixin) see most early in a big webmaster forum, the blessing of the New Year greetings, more is said to own the words of the site ranked out, the Spring Festival is not updated, did not increase the chain, a tragedy. See so many posts. Is now the main engine of the search engine are too heavy to see, as if the network promotion is only a search engine, in fact, SEO is just a kind of network promotion. Especially enterprise stand, the competition of the enterprise is very intense, a lot of key words the first page of the whole is a price, even if you do the natural ranking of the first, that use is not big.

the majority of small and medium-sized enterprises station words heat is not great, but the lack of competition is very intense, as I do now is the customer management software, this kind of words are all home to six or seven promotion, do this is also basically not what IP, IP are also likely to be competitors. Do not worry at this time, each site or each product has its own unique name, we can use this to promote.

first put their own product name so that the search engine first, this relatively simple, "I want to do software company name marketing E-PASS a week has been done. How to do this in the omission of thousands of words, I believe we all know.

and then according to the location of the site or the application of the product positioning. For example, I think the company’s software "Marketing e -" the position is a sales clerk, with a customer relationship management software, according to this, can go to the related website forum promotion, direct the clerk in the forum often posted text. Just mention the words "marketing E-PASS in soft, so users see, if he will need to search for the search engine, it is not this bring traffic? And it is not caused by the special attention — the moderator to delete posts.

in addition to the forum can also be in the blog, Q & a platform can be, and then give a question and answer platform example, according to the characteristics of the product, the use of groups most want to do. For example, the company’s software is for the clerk, then the salesman want most is what? It must be earned, and lay a good customer relationship and so on, then we can use Baidu to know to answer, for example, ask: how to sign more; then I can answer: the use of customer relationship management software "Marketing e -" you can improve customer relationship, customer relationship well naturally deal. This is the name of the company to write the software, then the user will be able to see the search. The Zhong Zhixin blog first, original address: http://s.zhzhxin.com/post/14.html this is only my personal promotion methods, of course, may have been a master is already done, so don’t do it too can try, if not appropriate, can also be.

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