How to get millions of users Take a look at this WeChat operator must collect software tools website

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published an article that the "WeChat operation must collect software tools website Collection" includes WeChat, operating tools, software and website, 2015, WeChat circle of friends and the public number of marketing power has been a "battle, the invincible" trend.

In June 17th

, China’s largest Internet resources trading platform, A5 transaction, replacing a domain name, WeChat launched a circle of friends, the public number, QQ space, the official micro-blog and other publicity channels, but whether it is from the amount of reading, forwarding, or the degree of interaction on the user’s perspective, WeChat circle of friends and the public. The effect is much larger than the QQ space, micro-blog mode.

in this 500 million months of active users in the circle, WeChat marketing has become the best gold for the public enterprise. Tencent said, WeChat is not only the chat tool, successful experience of WeChat operators told us that WeChat marketing theory, micro plastic coffee business groups, rescue the lost children, attacking criminals…… Of course, the most important thing is the brand, the promotion of products.


problem is, while others are using WeChat has one million, or even tens of millions of users under the condition, how should we do to

straight to the sky?

to take a look at this WeChat operation must be included in the collection of software tools website".

WeChat third party service platform


like Mall:


Poly letter box:

micro poly:

Sohu fast station:

: easily embarrassed

micro engine:

micro power:

little guest:

micro passenger:

micro partner:

V5 customer service:

WeChat cloud:

WeChat sea:

Chi fun:


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