The nternet community know details

had the opportunity to participate in a circle of the party, met a lot of Internet celebrities. Such as: Guo Hua, Li Ying, Ma Xiaolin, Qianjiang etc.. In the exchange with them, that they are now under the name of these cattle X sites have little known bitterness experience.

these people I most interested in Guo Hua, not because she is beautiful and generous character. But because of her website 55BBS. Coincidentally, just a few days before seeing her, we also 55BBS as a classic case study and analysis. Registered users of a three five small companies have 60W in two years time, IP flow and 20W daily, can be said to be very successful! But she was not satisfied with the present achievements, she said now in the busy station is 55BBS! As the urban consumer website, even popular in the busy, but do not limit the area, close! So she said I work in 2008 is the crazy shop ~ ~ good woman


shared her success, she and I talked about 55BBS’s growth experience!

she said to me, she is not a law-abiding woman. When I was in college, I began to do some small business. Later graduated, in a large company to do assistant to the boss. It was a great help to her growing up, when she learned a lot. In 2004, when his income and career were stable, she abruptly resigned and started doing 55BBS.

started because there is no money, no money to do the gorgeous website page, so she chose to do BBS, perhaps because of the "poor" decision, she let the achievements of today’s 55BBS. At that time there was no WEB2. 0 concept, this website based on user interaction is really unlimited potential. No wonder 3 years later WEB2. 0 copy so hot.

she said to me the company really feel what is not see your husband. Where money is needed. The first time to promote business, she and her staff go to the "street" is a shop to go on. Stand in the street to preach his website. At that time, she basically did not go home during the spring festival. Not because don’t miss my parents but because there is no money. I asked her in your most difficult time you want to give up?. Because I’m afraid of those brothers who fought with me. I must insist so, actually as a woman she is weak, she is often in the middle of the night when a person in the office. But she said, maybe the sun was her savior. When the sun rises in the morning, she will wipe away tears, smile, because she said she saw the sun to see the hope.


got home, I felt very sad because I thought of myself 5 years ago!

at that time, I just graduated from home to find a decent job, I did not go

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