China has confirmed that the root cause of the nternet attack was attacked by the server

China’s large area of the domain name 21, around 15, analysis of abnormal circumstances, resulting in some users can not access. National Internet Emergency Center 22 confirmed that the failure is due to the root server suffered cyber attacks. This makes the domain name server security once again become a topic of concern. In the Internet, the root domain name server (hereinafter referred to as the root server) in the end what is the role of the root server if attacked how to do?

an irreplaceable root server

National Internet Emergency Center 22 pm news release confirmed that 15:20 on January 21, 2014, China within the territory of a large number of Internet users can not access the domain name to ".Com" and ".Net" at the end of the site. After the incident, the national Internet Emergency Center for the first time to start the emergency response mechanism, coordinating part of the technical support unit for investigation and emergency disposal, about 16:50, normal user access. The master data analysis, preliminary judgment of the event is due to network attacks lead to Internet users in China through the international top-level domain name resolution service is abnormal, the source of the attack is under investigation.

root server is used to manage the main directory of the Internet, only 13 units worldwide. Most of them are located in the United States, Britain, Sweden, Japan each one. All root servers are authorized by the U.S. government’s Internet domain name and number distribution agency ICANN unified management, responsible for the global Internet domain name root server, domain name system and IP address management. The world’s 13 root domain name servers in English letters A to M named after the order, of which there are more than 9 locations in the world to set up a mirror station.

people enter the web site is easy to remember, but each site must be with a IP address correspondence, so that computer recognition. So there will be a list of IP addresses corresponding to the URL, the root server is responsible for managing this list. Once the root server problem, enter the domain name URL will not be able to find the IP address, the user can not open the site. The 21 day of the Chinese network analysis of large areas of abnormal situation, that is, when people enter a web site that they want to go, but found to be directed to an irrelevant IP address on the.

China network security experts, 360 vice president Tan Xiaosheng at day 22 to accept the "Global Times" reporter said, from the domain name to IP address parsing process is equivalent to the way, the domain name server is divided into different levels, and can be seen as a root server holds the top institutions all around the world route when you ask, step by step to the highest level, the root server will give you the answer. Tan Xiaosheng said, there are two main root server problems, one is killed, it means that all domain names can not be resolved for the IP address. There is a situation that is replaced by a fake.

root domain server multiple attacks

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