Share my source is how to promote the station

some time ago to see the webmaster released " source station, sad " webmaster; after reading, feel I had to do the source station also do not understand how to promote, and the mood of the webmaster! Now I source station in the IP on 1W do more, I will not say the web site. I summed up the promotion of the hope that the people who need help.

must first do Links, and other web page is often search update, such proof search of its weight is relatively high, at least two days to update a home station Links, this is very important, and it is better to have PR, so every day to catch the other station search data also feel your site, so your site will often be updated. The best number of links between 20-30, to the relevant types, the search will come to you every day, you add data. Waiting for the search to bring you traffic.

, then, the 168 source station owners do a little good. Download the address is to be clear at a glance, otherwise don’t download the people looking for a long time do not know where to download address, who will come again? Want to keep people will do make a clear stand. It is very important to stay, if you stand a day with 1000IP. One day as long as you can hold 10 people. This algorithm is simple to calculate slowly. Secondly, the download speed is fast enough, at least in 40/KB or above, or who still love to wait.


is updated every day, in my personal experience, is the best time to update all the contents of the update is complete before 10 o’clock in the morning, of course you can also batch update before 10 in the morning to update the content, no matter how many, this 168 source station do not good, I observed two days to update the update time is around 11.30. However, the content of the station is not bad, should he said that every day to update a boutique, indeed. Ha-ha。

the next site to deal with their own problems, is to promote. How to promote the following is my original promotion experience, now not to promote.

1. To the relevant source forum to post, not too cattle B, or closure ID. One day a two posted on it. (two or three to such a forum about a week, every day can also have a 70-100 IP


2. According to Baidu know the software update web content, remember to post the address. Go back to three to five questions a week, adhere to a month down, every day there will be 300-500 traffic, this is good. Ha ha, I am a person, a high time a day more than 1 thousand)

3 to open the domain name to do some of the pictures such as the beauty of the station, now on the acquisition of the two. I see the finished product source station is the main download did not open other columns, so the development of more tired. Open a beautiful picture collection point data, how to say that one day there are 500-800 IP. Of course, not necessarily

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