To observe the construction of logistics information platform from the logistics website

planning introduced to revitalize the logistics logistics information platform on heat hit a shot in the arm. A time logistics information platform lively. From the personal website to hundreds of yuan investment investment 30 million corporate names dizzying. How to look at the construction of the logistics information platform


as a sunrise industry, logistics has its unique charm. Many of them include personal websites are targeted at the logistics information platform. The pre poured a cup of soup. The official opening of Shanghai logistics platform following the investment of thirty million, logistics information platform of Wuhan another is likely to invest more than 30 million of the construction is also wildly beating gongs and drums. At the government level, Zhejiang, 11 provinces are working together to build a common logistics platform. The personal website is not just a beyond count, graduate students can make a website online site with an air of importance of logistics, the price from 300~2000 yuan meet the eye everywhere. "All flowers bloom together., contention of a hundred schools of thought" to describe the scene of today’s logistics information platform is not an exaggeration.

, China’s logistics industry started late, the overall low level of service, the logistics system of small, scattered, weak and poor; and the administrative system of logistics resources can not be caused by fragmentation, interaction, integration ability, logistics information asymmetry, the high cost of logistics. At the same time, with the acceleration of the process of e-commerce, the realization of many online transactions is subject to the logistics terminal distribution. At the national level, all kinds of natural disasters and emergency events are lack of a public, the system can quickly mobilize the necessary logistics resources. Therefore, the establishment of a public logistics information platform based on network to integrate resources, to vigorously promote the mutual exchange of needed products, butt joint logistics enterprises and manufacturing, commerce and trade circulation enterprises, to better serve the government, market, enterprise and society.

logistics information platform is in an open network environment, realize the owner of the online shopping, online transactions and electronic payment of a new business mode. Logistics information platform and traditional logistics essential difference is that it uses digital network as the basis for the commodity, currency and trade services, business can reduce intermediate links, shorten the cycle of the information society, reduce costs, improve operational efficiency, improve service quality, to enable enterprises to effectively participate in the competition. The construction of the logistics public information platform part of the functional modules belong to e-commerce, which is achieved through e-commerce logistics information resources sharing.

, however, still unable to determine the winner. Take logistics query class network to see, do a good job in the logistics network and the delivery of Po Po two sites to see. Features are similar, and other similar sites than no special features. In fact, the promotion of these two sites is relatively small, tracking observation for some time and found that they are more content, so in the same site their reputation is better, the use of more people.

is a comprehensive logistics information platform by more shippers and logistics companies like. Such as the 56135 sites in Shanghai and Guangxi Guilin logistics big supermarket reputation is good, check their

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