Hangzhou online gambling case yesterday for the first time to open the court to prosecute the crime

driving a Hummer SUV, price of 30 thousand yuan per square metre apartments, another car Benz, a full-time pilot with a monthly salary of 3000 yuan…… In Xihu District procuratorate prosecution material, occupation two Zhu Zhihang and high Wenchao have shown "no industry".

the two Hangzhou people, respectively, at the age of 39 and at the age of 41, their wealth came from, it seems a bit mysterious. Yesterday morning, two people on suspicion of casino crime, both in Xihu District court trial.

it was also the first online gambling case in Hangzhou to open casinos. The development of lower level agents Gao Wenchao said he was only last October in the online casino according to the "credit line", the initial investment is responsible by Zhu Zhihang, two people say profit proportion, but the incident until he did not get a penny of commission.

As for the

is how to contact the relevant gambling company, Zhu Zhihang said by telephone access to the "Blue Shield", "Sun City", "crown" and other online gambling company authorization.

"Blue Shield", "Sun City" and other gambling companies in the network using real-time playback live licensing video, sell RMB equivalent virtual chips for gamblers in the network in the "gambling" form; the "crown" in international football gambling companies win, set the odds for gamblers gambling.

Zhu Zhihang won a total of 3 gambling companies 4 million 300 thousand yuan "credit line" gambling bets, started by himself with the development of lower level agents, high Wenchao familiar with the whole process, then most of the business by the high Wenchao to do.

two people to develop lower level agents are based on the other party’s credit line, that is, the ability to lower the agency’s ability to pay cash, settlement for a Monday knot.

The trial process of the

display, as early as last August, the police learned the sign of Zhu Zhihang et al in the online casino, and in December 27th two people arrested in their homes seized for gambling, and the computer accounting transactions with bank funds gamblers evidence.

two illegal profits of over $30 thousand per day

and Zhu Zhihang, the high Wenchao trial together as well as Yang mian. Yang Mian is high Wenchao 3000 yuan to hire a driver, since high Wenchao open online casino, Yang Mian and assist on gambling money collection, record and pay work.

from Yang Mian seized evidence that before the incident he received a total of about 5000000 cash, spending about 4000000 yuan, but this is only a small part from gambling. Mian Yang said that he did not know the beginning of high Wenchao et al casino online, until last October after he know the truth, because of the friends sensibilities to help, or just deal with the mortgage to buy a house for 3000 yuan monthly mortgage payments.

Zhu Zhihang, Wenchao online casino profit has two main aspects. First, with the gambling company, lower level agents to the identity of the banker in accordance with the agreed number into the fight Zhuang >

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