Sing founder Chen Hua how to make a valuation of more than 4 billion of the company

in June 18th, "subversion · power" and the 5 anniversary celebration of the online line of hunting recruits, sing founder and CEO Chen Huawei audience brings the key word "dream" to share.


(WeChat: ilieyun hunting cloud network [Beijing]) (text / Wang Yiduo)

established in 2012 last year to sing in the D round of 450 million yuan financing completed in August, the valuation has reached $4 billion 300 million. From the cool cat, to sing. As a continuous entrepreneur, Chen Hua about how to make a valuation of more than 4 billion of the company, as well as their future prospects. The following is the speech, hunting cloud network (WeChat: ilieyun) finishing excision.

actually entrepreneurship is a very difficult process. Today, we talk about subversion, but the word is really too much pressure subversion. I would like to talk about how we should normally be.

entrepreneurship is a very low success rate

Internet startups have four major barriers. Are: 1 to make a qualified product; the product of the great success of the 2; 3 to find a way to make money; get a huge income growth in the past 4.

I’ve been through it for years. At that time, sing the first point is that the face of all users free of charge, the second is to make the sound more pleasant, and the third is our product design to be beautiful.

but today, the chances of success are very, very small. Today we have the United States, micro-blog, WeChat, etc.. We venture to seize the tide today. But every tide will not have too many opportunities, you need to think clearly, what to do, really can subvert the market. Catch up with the possibility.

and we are caught up in the wave of mobile internet. Because of the lack of entertainment when the new platform appears, and disruptive product design and bring a strong reputation spread. Just as I said, we are all free songs, attracted massive users; since the research into audio algorithm, Bel hit artifact; stimulation mechanism and interface beautiful, to seize the hearts of young users.

from online to offline interactive closed loop

in 2014, we opened up new areas, from online to offline. Internet thinking is not only the advantages of networking, we design a plan through the Internet thinking, it is possible to succeed.

why do we dare to do this? Because we pursue the ultimate product experience: do products allow users to scream; looking for a scale replica of the product form, reduce the marginal cost; basic services free of charge, make others earn money.

so let’s sing the song song brand, we start from the Internet, re design and transform KTV, and connect the line to sing it, in the product, business model innovation, the formation of online and offline

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