Since the operation of multi brand marketing media misunderstanding is still king

Internet era media change rapidly, from news to BBS, from the blog to SNS, from micro-blog to WeChat, every time the lightning fast, let the marketing people to adapt to the new media, the audience has a small scale. Author of small Ma Shitu Mashan marketing agency, witnessed the development of Internet media, summed up in one sentence: "the media in any case change, the content is always the core media marketing". Media is the carrier of information, it is constantly changing; and the nature of the information is not changed, although the size of the language style is changing, but in essence, such a message.

changes in the media, our marketing battlefield is changing, changing how we do network marketing in the new media situation, this is the author of small Ma Shitu Masan writing this paper is to explore the issue.

high operating costs since the media heat has little effect

talked about from the media, referring to micro-blog WeChat. Whether it is to see a rainbow, or see the parade cluster roaring, or their own to do a delicious dishes, we will not forget the next micro-blog or WeChat circle of friends, friends from the media to visible high enthusiasm. But the real time from the media to use to the enterprise marketing, but is very difficult, the official WeChat daily updates have written articles, and sacrifice their personal WeChat circle of friends to go forward, and WeChat’s official article hits thousands are rarely, there are a lot of stay in dozens of levels, and these are a lot of hits is the administrative micro-blog fans, each article to people are the same people, nature can say little promotion for enterprise.

from the media is difficult to replace the media

the author has been engaged in the network marketing industry, is not difficult to find that many enterprises take the media operations as the focus of the promotion, have hired full-time media operations personnel, there is a small team in the operation, invested hundreds of thousands of years, the influence of brand promotion does not seem to change what. In fact, many enterprises have gone a WeChat promotion mistake, micro-blog WeChat users mistakenly think that large enterprises can only achieve the purpose of brand communication from the media, can give the original brand communication and advertising, and spend a lot of money before the establishment of enterprise network station, while ignoring the same mistakes of the network popularization.

Since the media enterprise

is a recently developed vocabulary, but in fact it already exists, the enterprise’s official website and business magazine, is actually from the media, does your website can replace the media industry? Within the enterprise can transcend the influence of the magazine industry? It’s not impossible, but stand on our own point of view to promote enterprise from the media, and the user needs content is a great deviation, so from the media beyond the media industry is difficult to achieve, since the media operators can not replace the media, the enterprise network brand promotion must be less as before.

insert here, even from the media era, the media itself is more to solve the problem of user maintenance, as well as the passive proof of the trust problem

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