Open WeChat’s social marketing channels

said WeChat is indeed a very good social software, although it started the design of communication with the friends of a communication software, but with the use of WeChat’s friends increasingly increased, it is easy for us to function in a "circle of friends" to find their own familiar friend figure. This is perhaps the best embodiment of the six dimensional


first, WeChat social circle of friends

in the last century, a 60s Yale University social psychologist Stanley Milgram has designed an experiment, he will be a set of random chain letters sent to the 160 friends living in Omaha, Nebraska, the letter put a Boston broker’s name, the letter for each recipient of this letter to you think is close to the stockbroker friend. After receiving his friends at his request for the matter. In the end, most of the letters arrived in the hands of the stockbroker after five or six steps, so the concept of the concept of the six space.

recently had many businesses of WeChat "praise" is like a raging fire, I believe a lot of friends should understand the promotions? According to the merchant said, as long as the praise and the picture sent can get some rewards, so many of my friends are in the inside circle of friends to share such information, invisible to help businesses to carry out a large-scale publicity action. After all, for businesses and the public number, which is due to too many commercial taste, so it is difficult to attract the audience’s reading, in order to get their promotional information so that consumers can pay attention to, so businesses have struggled to come up with various ways of penetration, which use the circle of friends is the most effective, but little tricks! Like activity is one example.

in fact, according to the author by my understanding, even if they are involved in this point like activity, few people really get a reward, which may also be because the circle is too narrow for the reason, but if only in order to attract attention and let most people disappointed, so even if the business visibility in a short period of time is up, but did not leave any traces in the minds of consumers, reputation may have fallen.

so we can cater to the development of social marketing mode from another angle, make it more natural and smooth promotion between businesses and consumers to communicate? Perhaps we forget, forget the marketing money, sincere and consumer friends, the

effect will be better!

two, out of marketing to do marketing

what is the purpose of marketing, some people say that is to earn the consumer’s money, right?. Some say that the purpose of marketing is to allow more consumers to understand the company’s products or services, and then willing to buy them, right. But if marketing is just for promotion or promotion, then we are marketing too shallow.

the purpose of marketing is to know

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