What is the highest level in today’s marketing world

in the marketing industry has long been popular with the words: "first-class enterprise standards, second-class enterprises to do the brand, three flow of enterprise products, the standard here, refers to the technical standard of similar products, with advanced production technology and process of the enterprise, using its own technical advantages will improve the official or semi official the formulation of technical standards to their products could reach and competitors to reach the level of the opponent will be blocked in the production field of the products, or at least to hold the opponent’s nose, let it take crisis constantly on the run, four. Along with the national level competition to further improve the worldwide marketing standards will be the key to win the market, in recent years, more and more domestic enterprises such as Haier, HUAWEI and so on to join the ranks of participation in the formulation of international standards, how to marketing standards? How to manage market expectations? Will become a lot of strategic thinking based on the


a, standard and standard marketing

is the so-called standard, unified regulations of repetitive things and concepts, based on achievements in science, technology and practice experience, consensus by the concerned parties and approved by competent authorities, released in a particular form, as the criterion and basis to comply with the. In accordance with the standardization of the object, the standard is usually divided into technical standards, management standards and working standards of the three categories: technical standards – standardization in the field of harmonization of the technical requirements of the standard. Including the standard of basic standards, product standards, process standards, test methods, and safety, health and environmental standards; to make matters management coordination standard of standardized management standards in the field; the formulation of standards, responsibilities, rights, scope, quality of work requirements, procedures, and results check method, assessment standard. Our standards are divided into national standards, industry standards, local standards and enterprise standards, and the standard is divided into mandatory standards and recommended standards two, the mandatory national standard (GB), the recommended national standard (GB/T), the national standard technical guidance document (GB/Z), the military standard code (GJB).


standard is a series of marketing activities of marketing, operation and a pointer to the relevant standards, although the standard is intended to integrate economic and industrial order, on behalf of the public interest, but if the effective operation will be able to "private interests" on the "public interest" ride, on the one hand, the standard setting process is a bloodless war, used in the real battlefield strategy, applicable to all the standard setting process; on the other hand, the standard marketing provides many opportunities for enterprises to carry out corresponding marketing activities. Such as Haier electric water heater electric wall technical innovation dare to rise to industry standards, and then into the product and brand premium, there is a wall of electric water heaters than the wall without the water heater premium higher than 3%.

two, standard marketing practice

in fact, marketing is the standard card is also a strategic investment for enterprises, some enterprises such as the annual sales will take years to > 3%~5%

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