Taobao customers how to promote the latest promotion site drainage mode


as a guest promotion, I have been in the promotion of methods for Taobao customers, Taobao may have a lot of explaining how to promote customer skills online, but I tend not to perform that way, there is only one reason that was out of the promotion methods or a lot of people are familiar with the method, today A5 will contribute share a few dry cargo for everyone, Taobao customers to promote drainage method, the good, ADO, we began to explain.


has recently been used in the 360 and 360 browser search, do not know if you have not found a function about 360, we look at the picture below, when we use the 360 search a key word search results on the right there is a 360 talk, is used for a lightweight chat tool for keywords let the net for a keyword, express some views.

first, let’s get to know 360 about

talk is a good search search (the original 360 search) launched to provide a lightweight chat tool based on keyword topics.

users can search keywords in a good search, trigger the key words to talk about the entrance, and the current search for the same keyword users online instant chat. You can talk through talk and other directional friends chat, can also chat through the delineation of specific sub topics; talk about the main management can speak chat, sub topic. Here, you can speak freely on any topic.

for those who are searching for a keyword,

access to a topic of information is often one of their basic goals, while with the potential to obtain deep information, communication, Tucao and other needs. The traditional search engine can only meet the user through the web page results rank or information directly to the user, can not meet the needs of the user. And talk about these search users can make the transition from machine search to the exchange of people and people, the same topic of the user, the people of different resources, here can be achieved around the topic of the exchange of chat and share. (this paragraph refers to Baidu Encyclopedia)


two, now we know more about the specific operation of


1 search in the search box to search the key words and search, the results of the right side of the page to show the key words to talk about;

2 in the input box to enter and send the contents of the

3 Click the input box on the left side of the "#" icon, the current recommendation about the topic;

4 click on tab

Xpress, expands the current topic all chat room;

5 click on each message after the thumb, you can praise the message, get more praise will enter into the essence of talk;

6 click on the essence of tab, switch to the essence of the interface;

7 Click to talk about friends avatar or nickname, >

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