Ma Yunjiao Yang Fan how to do web promotion

I think we all know Yang Fan and Ali mother on-line less than half a year has achieved great results, in our view is like a dream like the myth of the night before, that this is what popular on both sides of the Changjiang River, caused it, – Ma site planning skill


Ma Yun has taught Yang Fan a secret recipe for site planning and promotion:


we know the name Ma may be from the Alibaba started it, referred to the Alibaba have to mention "innovation" in two words, Yang Fan is still not fully understood the model of Alibaba, the Alibaba heard an old member of the marketing mode: "Alibaba is completely independent type, without any reference to foreign the electronic commerce website mode". Ali mother’s advertising alliance model is also China’s first, if Ali mother want to beat the GOOGLE advertising alliance, but also with the words behind the GG, then I think it is difficult to win more webmaster. GG will now have a lot of loyal FANS.


saw Ali mother’s model, had to say too humane, such as:

1, blog can apply for registration

2, so that the seller himself, give full autonomy

3, pay no bottom line, $1 can be

4, everyone can become a buyer

5, buyers and sellers direct transactions, more transparent


leveraging marketing

if you rely on a web site to do the promotion is not enough, Ma will not do so, he will be the first to borrow his own own website to copy the red, more appear in some public places, media exposure, and his own reputation is increased a lot, and his fame to push their own website this is a "win-win". Once a boss found Yang Fan through the entertainment website, let me give his site planning, planning strategy in Yang Fan used a trick.

word of mouth marketing

"is the name of my telescope can not find opponents," the world’s most unreliable relationship is "," the man’s looks and intelligence is inversely proportional to the "," if I can ma entrepreneurial success, then most of the young people will also be able to entrepreneurial success, I think these words we are not strange, I say these words, what is your first reaction? – Ma! This is their "word-of-mouth marketing"! Ma’s Web site may be the way a lot of planning, Yang Fan is here to give a few examples. I hope you can learn some of the site planning and promotion techniques in Ma


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