Two dimensional home reading platform happy Book guest was 5 million Pre-A round of financing

Hangzhou Rhapsody Network Technology Co., the company announced that its two dimensional house the platform "happy book off to get 5 million yuan Pre-A round of financing, the investor is Zero2IPO, Tong Shi network, palm play mutual entertainment and set in the capital.


network was established in May 2014, launched in September 2015 two dimension APP fiction book off joy.

refinement audience targeting two dimensional home enthusiasts

as a fairy tale, history, city and animation to the novel, such as the light from the network literature to jump out of the most popular types of readers, divided into a popular reading mode. In addition to make similar and old men and women reading web division and type division in the interface, the joy book off is directly to the user group contracted to two dimensional reading enthusiasts, the original novel in the house, to create two dimensional reading platform.


first barrage reading mode

joy book off the barrage video site BiliBili used to transplant the text reading, the first barrage reading mode, the reader can send the barrage at any position of the barrage statement at the sidebar on the right side of the formation of the green label Tucao, click to view the support function; the module will be below the black one barrage leap. The edge of the edge of the book while reading became the biggest feature of the book, reading from a quiet private affair into a fun.


to create a variety of interactive book circle

happy Book guest in the platform to create a small vertical community. In the APP interface with the "discovery" subdivision area and comprehensive discussion area, review the shortage of books mutual areas, so that users can achieve more direct and diverse communication inside, in addition the joy book off also Post Bar, QQ group and other community operations, by creating a social circle of friends in order to improve customer loyalty and activity.


literature market match individual

how to break through?

however, the overview of network literature market development, today, the starting point of a single large or giant strong parties coexist is still the focus of controversy, either, for new reading platform market share seems to be less and less.

2015, mobile and PC two clients of the leading asset restructuring. China Mobile mobile phone reading base incarnation Migu digital media Ltd, by the end of 2015 has included 460 thousand genuine books, total users reached 420 million, more than 130 million monthly users, absolute advantage in the field of digital reading. Tencent merger Shanda literature set up reading the text group, platform, content, brand operations, leading, reading the text of the creation of the Chinese network and the starting point of the Chinese network is to occupy the leading position.

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