Ji Xianlin Chinese network founder, netizens called for the truth as soon as possible

recently, the Internet rumors Ancient Chinese Literature Search master Ji Xianlin’s calligraphy and painting are reselling incident and supporters of the parties raise a Babel of criticism of some of the disciples, Peking University and Ji Xianlin mutual questioned. The 97 year old Ji Xianlin has been forced to Mr. involved in this event, age is not peace, so many users feel very indignant; some people very confused, do not know the two sides facing the statement a who to believe.

Ji Xianlin, a Chinese language website (www.jixianlin.com) through the website of the relevant articles published a number of related reports expressed concern about this matter. Starling network (http://s.it8g.com) reporter on the website founder Guo Jian Guang through the website domain name contact information. Mr. Guo said he admired the character of Mr. Ji Xianlin, a great master of Chinese culture, but he has been unable to see Mr. Ji Xianlin’s website. When attention has been discovered for many years ago by foreign persons registered the domain name jixianlin.com will expire shortly before, after many efforts to finally successfully registered, and founder of the Ji Xianlin Chinese website, although not very professional, but can let more people know about Mr. Ji Xianlin’s academic achievements and the status quo.

for the event he thought Ji Xianlin Chinese calligraphy and painting, the tenet of the website is the objective of the parties to reprint media reported this matter to each other due to negative media coverage of both parties, is still unable to determine which party is right or wrong, but let Mr. Ji the century empty-nesters’life restless, very sad, like myself I hope the majority of users can find out the real situation as soon as possible, to allow the parties to quell the debate, Mr. Ji Xianlin also a peaceful living environment, but also hope that both sides can focus shifted to the development of cultural undertakings.

Guo Jianguang mentioned that one of their ideas in this interview, hope that all parties can get rid of disputes, resolve grievances, CO sponsored a Mr. Ji Xianlin Cultural Fund, the academic research of the old quarter carry forward. If you can do this, Mr. Ji Xianlin must be very happy. He also said he would like to hand over the site to the cultural foundation that represents Mr. Ji Xianlin.

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