Wang Rulin China’s agricultural e-commerce development presents new features

Spring Rush willow green, blowing smiled more Prunus, blew the agricultural electronic commerce in a pond. In the first year of 12th Five-Year, China’s agricultural e-commerce presents a gratifying scene. Now, as long as you open the Internet website, agricultural products, a large number of world qiaohuo, meet the eye everywhere, gathered a large number of network: agricultural products, entered the multinational procurement list; a number of brand value and influence of the electricity supplier website, began to grow up; a number of industry characteristics of the agricultural products online trading market has nurtured a group of farmers; China e-businessmen, has started to stand up and grow up. By the end of 2010, China’s rural Internet users have reached 115 million.

was founded in September 2000 with the middle peasants: after ten years of development, has now become the largest agricultural products can be traced back to the electronic commerce website, the network created a new model of e-commerce market entity + online shop, not only to lead and promote the traditional agricultural products online sales, and provide online bidding and auction of the "sunshine procurement service plan", they also set up a sugar and other agricultural commodities online trading system, the formation of the national agricultural products price index. Covering 21 provinces nationwide, the number of end users of the about 200000, a total of issuing a total of about 200000. Online platform to complete the transaction volume of more than 2 billion yuan.

more gratifying is: with the development of e-commerce in China to accelerate the process and improve the overall strategy, not only ushered in the development of agricultural e-commerce opportunity. And from 2007 to 2009, the average annual growth rate of 71.6% of rural users, far higher than the average annual growth rate of urban Internet users of the speed of 34.6%.


in 2000, accelerate the development of electronic commerce in the overall environment, in that case many farmers rely on fresh rich network under the agricultural electronic commerce not only speed up the development process, and began to five significant changes. This is:


shelf site began to transform to the application site; image of the site began to transform to the business website; website began to transform to the cooperative innovation website; website information service platform began transforming to comprehensive trading site; resource development sites began to transform to the brand of agricultural websites. Agricultural e-commerce has begun to show great commercial value and the great role of accelerating agricultural modernization.

Fujian is Anxi Tieguanyin tea origin, previous tea mountain buyers, very difficult. Known as "banbishan real to the moon, a Qingming sorrow bosom friend". Now, through e-commerce to connect small businesses and large markets, the use of the network for remote tea transactions. So deep in the mountains of tea enterprises live up. Hubei Longmen county farmer Liu Jiafeng, planted three thousand acres of orange, 40% of the sale by sitting on the white picket fence using the Internet to sell. Not only in the " can not sell fruit after harvest; " puzzled, but also greatly reduce the cost of sales.

many farmers vividly describe the role of agricultural e-commerce. They said: this web is God! "He can make the slow-moving production >

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